How to Increase Pressure in Your Home

Having low water pressure is one of the more annoying problems a homeowner can face. Trying to take a shower or wash the dishes with low water pressure are exercises in frustration. Luckily, there are some easy ways to increase the water pressure in a house. Our Sacramento plumbing team can help or you can try these tips the next time low water pressure rears its ugly head.

Check the Pressure throughout the Home

The first step is to make sure the low water pressure isn’t in just one part of the home. If only one faucet has low water pressure, then it is the only one that needs to be repaired. Try turning the water on and off several times to try and flush the blockage. If that doesn’t work, then take the faucet apart and check for blockages.

Check the Water Pressure Regulator

Some houses have a water pressure regulator that is typically located on the outside of the house. The water pressure regulator will usually be found near the water pressure meter. It can easily be adjusted by a homeowner with a simple wrench. It is a good idea to turn a sprinkler on while adjusting the water pressure regulator. Looking at the water coming out of the sprinkler will allow the homeowner to see the effects the adjustments are having on the water pressure as it is being adjusted.

Check the Pipes

If everything seems to be in order with the water pressure regulator, but the water pressure is still too low, then the next step is to check the pipes in the house. The first step is to check the diameter of the pipes. Modern plumbing uses pipes that are no larger than ½ inch in diameter. This small diameter forces the water to flow through the pipes under high pressure.

However, in older homes, sometimes the pipes are larger than ½ inch in diameter. If that is the case, then a pipe reduction apparatus can be installed. These are relatively simple to install if you’re handy, and homeowners can pick one up at their local hardware or plumbing supply store.

If the pipes are the correct diameter already, then go through the pipes in the home and check for leaks. Be sure to check the pipes all over the house. If even one pipe is leaking, then it can cause a loss in pressure throughout the entire plumbing system. Fix any leaks to increase the pressure in the house.vcWhile checking the pipes for leaks, be sure to examine their condition. If pipes are getting rusted or corroded, this could be a sign that they are getting blocked. 

No luck? If all these steps fail to fix the water pressure in the house, then it time to call Ace and we’ll send over a qualified plumber to give you an expert opinion.