How to Snake a Drain

snake drain

At some point, in most homes, the drain gets clogged. There’s a variety of reasons for the drain blockage but the end result is the same…standing water. You’ve tried a liquid dissolver but no luck. Before you call our Sacramento plumbing professionals, you may want to give a DIY plumbing snake a try.

A Plumbing Snake

There are a lot of different models of snakes but most commonly it is a cable attached to an augur or coil at one end, and a crank attached to the other end. A plumbing snake is used by lowering it into the drain that is clogged. After lowering the plumbing snake into the drain, it can be used to get rid of the blockage that is clogging your pipes. Homeowners typically need about 50 feet. Plumbing snakes for sinks and toilet augurs vary—a toilet augur is specifically make to service toilet pipes. You may also want to rent a commercial grade snake if you have a really serious problem to tackle!

Lowering the Plumbing Snake into the Drain

To get started, slowly lower the plumbing snake into the drain until you reach the obstacle. Move the snake up and down a few times to ensure you’ve reached the clog. Be careful to not push the blockage down further. Next, turn the handle clockwise until the head of the snake is entangled in the debris. Once you have done this, turn the plumbing snake until you are able to move the blockage slightly.

Breaking through the Debris

Once you have moved the debris into a new position and out of the way, you should be able to break through the blockage. This can be done by pushing the snake through the blockage continually. Keep pushing the plumbing snake until you feel it break through the blockage.

Pulling the Debris Out

Once your plumbing snake broken through, you should be able to lift the snake out of the drainpipe. By reaching the bottom of the clog, you should be able to pull the entire mass free of the drain. Lift the plumbing snake out of the drainpipe and pull some of the debris out. Make sure that the drainpipe is completely unclogged. If it is not fully unclogged, you can continue using the plumbing snake to dislodge the blockage. It is important for you to pull as much as you can through the drain.

Cleaning the Mess

After you have removed the clog, make sure water runs freely through the drain. Wipe down the plumbing snake to keep it clean and free of rust. It may be a good idea for you to do this with an old towel as you pull it out of the drainpipe.

Too much yuck or are you worried about the results? Please call our Sacramento plumbing team for a quick and convenient visit. We are available 24/7 for all of your emergency needs.