Is a Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement More Efficient?

There are many reasons that you might opt for a trenchless sewer line replacement for your plumbing. It preserves your property and creates a sewer line that is stronger, more effective and durable. However, is it the most efficient choice
for your needs? With this information, you will know the efficiency of trenchless sewer line replacement for energy consumption, overall expense andwater.

Property Repair

These days, a lot of people are concerned about their carbon footprint. This relates not just to the energy you consume, but the energy consumption tied to everything that you use or buy. For example, if you opt to have a traditional sewer line
installed instead of a trenchless sewer line replacement, you will consume a fair bit of energy to dig the new trench, remove the old pipes and lay new ones. There is some energy consumption for trenchless sewer line replacement, but it often requires less work and machinery. If digging a trench will also rip up significant portions of your landscape, you will also need to
expend energy to replace or repair the landscaping.

Cost Efficiency

Trenchless sewer line replacement may cost as much as 30-50 percent more than installing a completely new system with new trenches. Ask your Sacramento plumber for specific estimates. However, there are many costs involved that you should take into
consideration. For example, if you have to rip out your driveway and pay for someone to repave it, you are facing a significant expense. The destruction of landscaping may take years to rebuild, depending on the development of the existing plant life. Many people who choose trenchless sewer line replacement find that it is cheaper in the long run to pay extra for the trenchless
approach, with minimal effect on the surface property.

Risk of Pipe Damage and Leaking

As a general rule, a trenchless sewer line is a very efficient means of water transport. Your plumber in Sacramento, CA, creates a sewer line in one piece, which means that there are no joints to become weak and leak. In fact, the new piping is
less likely to be broken by tree roots and other invaders. As a result, a trenchless replacement is often more efficient for the long-term. Even if you have to use the pipe-bursting method of trenchless sewer line replacement, it should not cause significant risk of damage. Weigh this against your old system, and you may discover that you can improve efficiency no matter which choice you make.

The decision to have trenchless sewer line replacement has a lot of benefits, efficiency being one of them. If trenchless sewer line replacement is appropriate for your home and sewer line, you may appreciate the greater efficiency in energy usage,
cost and water consumption. When you are ready to learn more about trenchless sewer line replacement, contact us at Ace Plumbing.