Is Duct Cleaning Worth it for My Sacramento Home?

duct cleaning

If you’re like many of our customers, you pride yourself on keeping a clean home. If you’re finding that challenging lately, don’t blame your housekeeping skills. Instead, ask yourself, “Do I need duct cleaning in Sacramento?” Air duct cleaning can keep your HVAC ducts from depositing dust on every visible surface, or even making you sick. Here’s how to know if you need this vital indoor air quality service from the team at Ace Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning.

Indoor Air Quality is Nothing to Sneeze At.

Why Do I Need Duct Cleaning?

Great question. If you think outdoor air quality is questionable, you’d probably be shocked to learn that the EPA says that indoor air quality is usually worse. After all, your home isn’t airtight. That means your home is fully capable of drawing in outdoor air pollution and helping to seal in some particularly nasty indoor contaminants too. Sacramento duct cleaning remediates what’s left behind by:

  • Exhaust fumes
  • Pollen
  • Dust
  • Human and animal dander
  • Cigarette smoke
  • Smog and ozone
  • Mold and mildew
  • Fibers from fabric and carpet
  • VOCs from paint, varnish, cleaning products, upholstery, and fabrics
  • And much more

Determining When You Need Sacramento Duct Cleaning Service

That list of contaminants might make you shudder, but it’s doing far worse than that. For example, contaminants like pollen and animal dander can lead to allergic reactions, asthma, and other forms of respiratory distress. Those problems are made even more severe by mold spores; instead of merely blowing around, these take root on a multitude of hard and soft surfaces and release toxins into the air. If you feel like you’re constantly battling a cold or allergies, your skin is perpetually dry, your asthma never lets up, or you never get a good night’s sleep, call us.

Air Duct Cleaning Services

There are a few ways to remediate poor indoor air quality. Before any service is performed, we suggest duct inspection by a qualified Sacramento HVAC professional; duct cleaning isn’t always necessary — especially with a newer system — and improving indoor air quality should always begin by identifying and remediating the correct root cause. Sometimes it’s more effective to seal the ducts to eliminate holes and gaps. In other instances, installing an air purification system or dehumidifier can be more effective, or can be a good complement to duct cleaning.

Why Professional Duct Cleaning Matters

If your ducts do require cleaning, whether because of contaminant buildup, or because of a dead animal in the ducts (which happens more often than you’d think), it’s important to have it done professionally rather than grabbing a stepladder, feather duster, and a cordless vacuum to do it yourself. Ductwork is fragile and a lot easier to damage than the average person realizes, and its repair can be both complex and expensive.

Are There Alternatives to Duct Cleaning?

Yes. Begin by making sure you’re using the right filters for your HVAC system. Next, change your filters on, or even a bit ahead of, schedule to ensure they’re removing pollutants from the air. Also, keep registers and returns clean, including keeping furniture and window treatments a good distance away. We also suggest getting regular Sacramento HVAC tune-ups, since your ductwork isn’t the only part of your system that attracts dirt or needs cleaning from time to time.

Air Quality Services in Sacramento

Duct cleaning may be useful to have, but it is not necessary for everyone. To find out if you need duct cleaning, and to discuss other HVAC maintenance concerns, contact the Sacramento heating and air experts at Ace Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning.