Is Replacing a Heat Pump in the Greater Sacramento Area Worth It?

heat pump

Heat pumps help to move heat from one place to another using a compressor and a circulating structure of gas refrigerant or liquid, through which heat is extracted from external sources and pumped indoors. Pumping heat has several advantages, such as using less electricity. During summer, you can reverse the cycle to act like an air conditioner.

However, like any other HVAC system, heat pumps don’t last forever, and homeowners need to keep up with repairs. Once you start experiencing problems, you may wonder whether it’s worth replacing the heat pump or not. The team at Ace Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning will help you make an informed choice.

Should You Repair or Replace Your Heat Pump?

The first thing you want to know before repairing or replacing your unit is what is wrong with it. That means going through the problems it may have and deciding whether they are too expensive or not. A new heat pump can be costly, depending on the installation cost and model.

A good rule of thumb is to replace a pump with significant repair costs. You can reach out to our HVAC professional to help you estimate the amount it will cost you to repair your heat pump. We can also estimate how much it will cost you to replace it. Here are other considerations to make when deciding to repair or replace a heat pump:

  • Is the unit too old (reached its lifespan?)
  • Will the repair last, or is it temporary? For example, if a technician recharges your refrigerant without treating the cause of the leak, your system will still leak.
  • Are your heating bills going up?
  • Is your comfort level going down?
  • Are you selling your home? Replacing a heat pump doesn’t always guarantee an increase in your home’s value. However, it’s a critical factor to consider. Buyers may likely buy a home with a newer, modern system than an old one.

The Lifespan of a Heat Pump

An average heat pump lasts between 10 and 12 years, depending on the quality of maintenance it receives. We don’t recommend repairing a heat pump that is 12 years old. Even if your system appears to be operating well after clocking its 15th year, it’s best to organize for a replacement before it breaks down.

When our Sacramento team runs a test to determine how long it will last, there’s really no guarantee that it will last as indicated. It’s also likely to consume a lot of electricity as it is less efficient, which can be costly in the long run. A heat pump that is too powerful or not powerful enough to heat your home will likely need to be replaced sooner than planned as it will use too much electricity or overwork and wear faster.

How Long Can You Wait to Replace Your Heat Pump?

As your heat pump ages, it can give you a year or more to prepare for a replacement, but not all systems can stay that long. One of the main reasons is contact repairs, which can be costly and cause high energy bills as the system gets less efficient.

Most users want to push their system as long as they can due to the high replacement cost. To find out how long your heat pump can serve you, discuss your options and the current issue with our team of experts in the greater Sacramento area, and they can help give you a conclusive option. Contact Ace Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning for Heat Pump Installations & Replacements in Sacramento!