Can Cold Weather in the Greater Sacramento Affect the Boiler?

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As the cold weather sets in, many people in the greater Sacramento area are staying on top of their heating systems to keep their homes as warm as possible. All is well until the boiler stops working. Despite being designed to work in the coolest temperatures, boilers are not immune to winter effects. Even if you regularly service it, the temperature can still affect your boiler. That’s why Ace Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning recommends getting a professional to check the boiler on a regular basis throughout winter.

Why Checking Boiler Pressure is Important

Boiler pressure is one of the most common indicators of many common problems that can affect the running of the unit and the entire heating system. The pressure gauge is usually located in the front of the boiler unit. This gives you the reading of the boiler pressure.

What To Do When Your Boiler Stops Working in Freezing Temperatures?

When your boiler breaks down, your home can quickly turn dangerous. While most boilers have safety precautions, such as pressure valves to switch the boiler off automatically, not all do. Check for signs of soot, black or scorching marks on your appliance. If you smell gas, turn off your boiler and call us to conduct boiler repair. If your boiler stops working, do this:

  • Make sure everyone is safe: The temperature in your home can drop quickly. Ensure that your loved ones are safe and warm.
  • Check the boiler for damage: One of the main reasons for the loss of hot water is a leak in the boiler. If water leaks out of the boiler, cold water from the intake will replace it.
  • Check the boiler’s water pressure: If the boiler loses water pressure, it may not function correctly and may overheat.
  • Find the error code on the boiler’s display: Your boiler may display an error code that identifies the problem. Check the manufacturer’s manual and compare the code to determine the cause of the problem. If you can’t find the error code, don’t worry. We will help you find out what could be wrong.
  • Check for strong smells and sounds: Rattling, or gurgling sounds could indicate a problem with the heat exchanger. If cracked, the heat exchanger can cause toxic gases such as carbon monoxide to enter your home.
  • Reset the boiler: Some boilers can shut down despite being in good working condition due to some minor issues that can resolve themselves. If you don’t find any problem with the boiler, try restarting it.

What Temperature Should My Boiler Be Set at in Winter?

If you’re looking for the right balance of efficiency and warmth for your home, set the boiler between 60 and 68 degrees. Setting it a few degrees higher than 65 degrees is okay, but we recommend keeping it lower than that. This is to prevent the growth of bacteria.

Book Your Boiler Service

Boilers must be serviced annually by qualified professionals. Check the last boiler maintenance service and what the technician said, and book for service before it gets colder. At Ace Plumbing, we recommend servicing your appliance even if it seems to be in good working condition. Routine maintenance lets us detect and fix issues before they cause potential problems. Contact Ace Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning for Boiler Installations & Replacements in Sacramento