Joining PVC Pipe

Undertaking any PVC repairs or new installation will involve joining elbows, cup-links or T cup-links. We’re not talking fashion here, just plumbing! Whether you’re doing a small repair or a large PVC job, there are some DIY plumbing tips you should abide by to ensure the job is done correctly. PVC is one on the great inventions of the 20th centuries, use it to your advantage.


Joining PVC

In order to securely join PVC it must be clean and pipe ends should always be cut evenly and straight. Whether your joining two pieces of PVC using a cup-link, elbow or T, you must first use a PVC primer on all the bonding surfaces. This will make sure the glue binds to the PVC plastic pipe completely.

Coat the outside of the PVC pipe in primer and the inside of whatever type of cup-link you require. You must then liberally coat PVC cement on the same surface area that you just primed. Push the PVC into the joining cup-link firmly with a twisting motion. If excess glue is pushed out of the joining cup-link, it’s nothing to worry about it. Too much is always better than too little when gluing PVC together.

Reinforcing PVC Joints

Another trick of the plumbing trade is to reinforce your PVC joints for a long lasting bond. Glue is liberally gathered on the end of the cement swab and then pressed into the center of the cup-link, elbow or T. The glue will then run over the connector coating it’s exterior connecting surfaces. This isn’t required, but is encouraged to ensure your PVC repairs and installations last for many years to come.

Using CPVC

In order to meet professional standards in plumbing, CPVC must be used for all hot water lines. While standard PVC is great for cold water lines and drains, CPVC must be used to stand up to extreme temperatures of hot water. Bonding both types of PVC is done the same way, but be sure all PVC surfaces are dry, clean and primed before joining them together.

While DIY plumbing tips can be helpful for those who do their own home repairs, others may be more comfortable using our professional Sacramento plumbing services to be sure the job will pass inspection. The Ace team is available 24/7 to help with any plumbing emergencies you may have or schedule regular service at your convenience.. Contact us today.