Most Popular Types of Water Efficient Faucets in the Greater Sacramento area


High-efficiency plumbing goes beyond good toilets, sewers, and drains. Therefore, it’s prudent to replace all your plumbing systems with eco-friendly and efficient alternative models to help you cut down on water wastage and save more on water bills. A great example is your household faucets. Your faucet can account for 15 percent of standard indoor water consumption, making it a major contributor to your average water bill.

To help you choose an efficient faucet for your Sacramento home, Ace Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning recommend contacting a plumbing professional to help you choose. Here are the most common water-efficient faucets in Sacramento, CA.

Pull-Down Faucet

It is by far the most popular type of kitchen faucet. It features a spray nozzle that extends from the spout that you can pull down into more than three different settings. The stream of water is more powerful than that of a typical spray nozzle, allowing you to turn off the spray setting and still use the regular faucet. It is mostly used in deeper sinks and popular in modern kitchen designs.

Pull-Out Faucet

This faucet is similar to the pull-down faucet only that it has a hose instead of a spout. When not in use, the hose can retract itself for easy storage in cabinets and cupboards. It is suitable for hollow sinks. Due to its practicality and maneuverability, you can control the water stream, which means less splashback.

Single-Handle Faucet

The stylish single-handle faucets are also common as they provide you with some control over the temperature and water pressure. These faucets consist of a basic tap with a handle on a ball joint that you can push up or down. The straightforward design makes it easy to install and repair.

Double-Handle Faucet

The double-handle faucet features separate controls for water temperature and volume. It’s quite efficient as it allows you to control individual factors separately. That means you can alternate between cold and hot water at the same time.

Hands-Free Faucet

Also known as the automatic or touchless, the hands-free faucet is a great option for you if you’re looking to avoid touching the faucet with your hands. It features sensors that sense when you’re nearby or turn on immediately after you place your hands on the sink. This faucet is one of the most efficient as it uses less water, but it’s costly to install and repair.

Word From Ace Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning

When choosing a faucet or any other fixture for your home. Don’t just go for the most expensive. Remember you need to factor in the cost, durability, and reliability. You can check in with Ace Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning to give installation quotes and advice before settling to buy. Not all faucets are suitable for all homes. You need to carefully assess your needs and take into consideration factors such as water consumption, the number of faucet users in that home, and other critical factors.

Let Us Help You Find the Best Water Efficient Faucets in the Greater Sacramento Area

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