Reasons Your Dishwasher May Be Clogged in the Greater Sacramento Area


Dishwasher clogs are quite different from typical clogs as it’s more difficult to see the clog developing. That means you may not notice a clog until it’s too late. Unfortunately, there are many reasons why your dishwasher could be clogged, and one of those reasons is a plumbing issue like a broken sewer line. At Ace Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning, we recommend reporting any problem to our plumbers immediately to avoid water damage in your home. In this article, we will help you understand what causes your dishwasher to clog and how to fix it.

What Causes Your Dishwasher to Clog?

Below are the common causes of dishwasher clogs.

Food Stuck in the Filter Basket

The filter basket catches food pieces from the dishware, so these scrapes don’t go down the drain and cause a clog. However, if more food particles are trapped in the filter basket, they can prevent the free flow of water in your dishwasher. To solve this problem, remove the filter basket, wash it and put it back.

Plastic Plug in the Garbage Disposal

If you have installed a new garbage disposal and your dishwasher is not draining properly, the clogging could be caused by the plastic plug you didn’t remove from the garbage disposal. This is a common problem that you can easily fix.

Clog in the Drain Hose

When your dishwasher drains, the water goes through a hose that connects to either a garbage disposal or a drain pipe under the sink. If clog forms from food gunk and soap residue, the water will likely back up into the dishwasher unit.

Blocked Sewer Line

damaged or broken sewer line can cause your dishwasher not to drain efficiently. This pipe carries wastewater from your home to the main sewer. Usually, you may not discover this problem from your dishwasher but through your toilet or shower as they may fail to drain correctly. If you notice your toilet is not draining properly, feel free to call our plumbers to inspect and fix the problem before the water damages your home.

How to Unclog Your Dishwasher

Once you have confirmed there is a blockage somewhere, prepare to fix the issue. Ace Plumbing recommends calling a professional if the clogging is beyond a simple fix. Our plumbers will show up at your doorstep, inspect your plumbing systems and fix the issue. Here is what you can do as you wait for the plumbers.

  • If it is a simple fix, like cleaning the filter basket, you don’t need a plumber coming over. However, for major issues like sewer line damage, you first need to close all faucets and avoid turning them on until your plumber gives you the green light.
  • Gather the right plumbing tools to fix the problem. This may include gloves, baking soda, a bucket of water and screwdrivers.
  • Before your plumber arrives, clean areas in your dishwasher to remove debris. Make sure the unit is off and unplugged.

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