My Air Conditioner Isn’t Working In My Sacramento Home. Now What?

As summer heats up, it’s time for your air conditioning to come out of hibernation. It’s easier to miss many common AC problems when it’s not too hot out, but when the thermometer’s flirting with triple digits, you’ll notice.

What should you do when your air conditioner isn’t working as it should? Some problems have simple solutions, but if you’ve worked your way through the problems and solutions listed below and you’re still experiencing issues, call Ace Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning for AC repair near Sacramento.

My Air Conditioner Won’t Turn On

The first thing to check here is your thermostat. Turn the temperature down a few degrees and see if the system kicks in. Also check your circuit breaker, since a tripped breaker is a common reason your AC won’t work. If neither of these solutions solves the issue, call us.

My AC is On, But It’s Blowing Hot Air

Start by making sure your air conditioner is set to cool. Otherwise, the fans can run ’til the cows come home but your house won’t get any cooler. Also check your breaker, especially if your outdoor unit isn’t on the same circuit as your air handler. If they’re not both working, you won’t get cool air. Finally, check your filters, since some systems won’t run at 100% if the filter is clogged.

Some Rooms Are Cooler Than Others

Maybe you’re freezing out some rooms trying to get others to cool just a few degrees. The first thing we suggest checking is your registers; if they’re closed or blocked, the room they serve won’t cool as quickly. Next, make sure your windows and window treatments (blinds, shades, or curtains) are closed, since sunlight or outside air coming in will make a room warmer than the ones around it.

My AC Won’t Stop Running

Of course, sometimes your air conditioner goes to the other extreme: it starts, and just keeps right on going. If your AC starts and won’t stop, or if it short-cycles (repeated on/off cycles unrelated to cooling), that’s no good either. Here again, check your thermostat first; if it’s extremely hot out and your temperature’s set very low, your system is going to have to run longer than usual to cool the house. That’s especially true if it’s poorly maintained, old, or running low on refrigerant.

The System Runs, But It Smells Funky

There’s a wide variety of smells your AC might emit, ranging from stuff that’s self-explanatory (mildew and cigarette smoke) to the downright baffling (dirty socks, engine exhaust) to the dangerous (natural gas). Mildew and cigarette smells often require duct cleaning. Other smells, like exhaust or smoke, tend to stem from mechanical problems. Natural gas smells from AC aren’t common, but if there’s a gas leak near your outdoor unit, that smell can be drawn into your home. Needless to say, in the latter case it’s best to get out of the house ASAP.

AC Maintenance and Repairs in Sacramento

There’s never a good time for air conditioning problems. Luckily for you, there’s never a bad time to call Ace Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning. We offer 24/7 emergency air conditioning repairs, air conditioning maintenance, and even air conditioning installation if you decide you’re better served by a newer system. The help you need is always a phone call away!