Pick the Right Material For Your Bathroom Sink

bathroom sink

We’re convinced that there are two times you should stay away from Google. One is when you’re sick (since every case of the sniffles is apparently fatal), and the other is when you’re remodeling your home, because there’s just too much contradictory information out there. Rather than suggesting brands, Ace Plumbing is going to take a different tack: we’ll cover the practical considerations that go into choosing a bathroom sink so you can make an educated choice.


This is often a good starting point, since your budget will determine many of your replacement or remodeling costs. It’s also worth remembering that the sink itself isn’t the only expense for which to budget. Your bathroom fixtures matter too (you don’t want to find a gorgeous sink only to ruin its look or function with subpar fixtures), as does installation.


There are nearly as many choices for bathroom sinks as there are for their kitchen counterparts. The trick is finding a balance of form and function that you can live with. If you’re doing an extensive remodel, choose something that will mesh with the architecture and decor you’ve picked. But don’t neglect practical concerns. Even though a pedestal sink is attractive, for instance, a traditional vanity may be helpful if you’re short on storage in your home.

Sinks have differing widths and depths. There are also double-well bathroom sinks that can come in handy when you’re trying to keep your morning routine organized with another person. Think about who’s using the sink, how, and when. If you’re concerned about space, make careful measurements and use plywood, posterboard, or anything else that might give you a physical representation of the space taken up by the sink so you can see if it’s a fit — literally and figuratively.


Porcelain enamel sinks are the traditional standby in many homes, and for good reason. You can find them in colors that match nearly any decor, they’re durable, and they wear well. Metal and stone can be striking choices, but may require special care. Composite sinks are also popular because they’re light, and can be had in colors and shapes not found in traditional sinks, but they can scratch and stain easily. Before you get too attached to a single choice, do a bit of research to get a better feel for its pros and cons.

Other Considerations

Unlike the kitchen, the bathroom isn’t exactly a gathering place for your home. That said, you will be spending a fair amount of time here, so it helps to keep the space as inviting and comfortable as possible. If you’re replacing your bathroom sink and replacing a toilet as part of a larger remodel, call a Sacramento plumber ahead of time. We can give your home a plumbing checkup to identify items that may need replacement (like your water heater), make suggestions for water efficiency, help you budget better, and generally help you make better choices. Ace Plumbing serves the HVAC and plumbing needs of central California, and we’re always just a phone call away at 916-455-4548.