Preparing Your Plumbing for Spring

Winter poses a lot of risk to your home and especially to its plumbing during freezing temperatures. You may look forward to getting to spring so you can start gardening and enjoying the nice weather. However, once the weather starts to warm up, there are a few tasks you need to complete before you can safely turn on your outdoor watering systems.

Be Aware of Freezing Temperatures

In spring, we start to get some warmer days and it might drive you to get out the hoses and planning your garden. However, there is something you should remember. Just because it is 65-70 during the day does not mean it will be warmer at night. Pipes can freeze in temperatures as high as 55 degrees. If you want to get out the hose and test your outdoor faucets, do so on a warm day, in the middle of the day or the afternoon. This is a good opportunity to identify frozen pipes in your outdoor plumbing system. When you are done with your chores, however, you should empty your hoses and disconnect them from the faucet each night until the nighttime low temperatures are higher.

Look for Exposed Pipes

Pipes that are not protected by the home are at risk for damage from the winter weather. Inspect any exposed pipes for signing of cracking or other damage. You may notice a leak by observing the area around the pipes. If it is wet or appears to be growing moss or mold, you may have a pipe leak. Check the drains on all outdoor equipment, including your air conditioner and furnace.

Clear Outdoor Plumbing Systems

Your home’s outdoor plumbing includes the function of the home’s exterior as well as any plumbing systems you set up for your yard or garden. Late winter and early spring can bring plenty of precipitation. Take a moment to make sure your downspouts are directed away from the home’s foundation. Clear your gutters and make sure there are no blockages in your storm drains. Examine your sprinkler heads for damage, and test the sprinkling system or any drip irrigation you have installed. On a warm day, the system should start and stop without fault. Identify broken pipes or sprinkler heads and ask your Sacramento, CA plumber about the best ways to fix them.

It is only a matter of time before spring will be here and you can get a head start on your outdoor landscape. Before you get going, you should follow these steps to prepare your plumbing for the new season. That way, you can identify and resolve any problems in your plumbing system, without causing any new damage.