Protecting Sacramento’s Water Supply


As a Sacramento plumbing company, we care about keeping your water safe and clean. This begins with community wide education about pollution hazards and prevention — the Sacramento Storm Water Quality Partnership with residents, businesses, and local governmental agencies is a great place to start. This partnership adds “protection” to the environmental stewardship mantra of reuse, recycle, and reduce. 

Primary Causes Of Pollution To Sacramento River

The residents of Sacramento county’s seven cities drink, bathe, play, and wash using water from the Sacramento River. With such heavy use, the county has identified residents as the number one cause of river pollution.

Concerns over water pollution was once a major stumbling block to area automotive and manufacturing businesses. Strictly enforced regulations that threatened profitability goals as well as good faith efforts toward environmental responsibility caused most businesses to clean up their acts. Now, the county believes it is time for its residents to bear some of the burden of ecosystem maintenance.

River Environmental Protection 101

Some terms that residents should know to take protective action of their river resource are storm water, urban run-off, household hazardous wastes, storm drain system, and watershed. Storm water is passively collected rain water that makes its way into the Sacramento River. Urban run-off is the material washed into the storm drainage system along with rain water. The county’s storm drain system is a collection of underground pipes that moves excess rain water away from urban areas and into the river. Household hazardous wastes are the chemical substances that residents use for home and car maintenance, cleaning, and landscaping are the. The land used to drain excess water into the Sacramento river is the watershed.

Residential Call To Action

The county urges residents to meet the challenge of river protection by doing a few basic best practices that not only protects the Sacramento river but sometimes saves them money.

• Take Household Hazardous Wastes To Designated Disposal Areas.

• Properly Maintain Vehicles To Avoid Hazardous Fluid Leaks.
• Do Not Dump Waste Materials Into Storm Drain System.
• Limit The Use Of Chemical Pesticides And Fertilizers On Lawns.
• Substitute Toxic Chemical Car Wash Detergent For An Eco-Friendly Version.


The county expects significant positive impacts on the environment when Sacramento residents work together on the issue of storm water quality protection. Implementing the environmental best practices described above and spreading the word to neighbors are ways residents take positive steps toward improving the health and wellness of the entire community. Need help in reducing your water waste or replacing old drain systems? Contact Ace today, our team of of dedicated professionals can help you with any of your Sacramento plumbing needs.