Resolving Severe Clogs: The Right Auger for the Job

You have tried the plunger and even cleaned your P-trap, but the clog is still there. With this guide, you will learn about different kinds of augers for clogged drains, and when you should consult a professional for help.

Cable Augers

The most typical drain auger is the cable auger. This auger can go into the drain many feet to find the clog and grab it so you can pull it out. Many cable augers are called “drum augers,” because the coiled cable is kept in a drum-shaped canister. They may be 25, 50, 100 feet or longer in length, designed to reach quite far into your pipes. Although cable augers are designed for most kinds of pipes, you have to make sure that the cable is not too wide for the pipes, or it may become stuck. Cable augers are also not appropriate to use to snake a toilet to remove a clog.

Flat Tape Augers

Where the standard drain auger is a hose, flat tape augers are designed to fit through smaller pipes. The flat auger may rely on grabbing the clog to remove it, as other cable augers do. It may also have a sharp end designed to break up or push the clog through the pipes, without pulling it out.

Toilet Augers

Using an auger to snake a toilet requires a specific kind of auger and some additional care. Toilet augers are usually shorter than other augers because they are meant to only remove a clog that is in the toilet apparatus. If you have a clog that has passed into the pipes attached to the toilet but not in the toilet, you may need to have a professional remove the toilet and use a drain auger to remove or destroy the clog.

Professional-Grade Augers

Most augers designed for homeowners are meant to be used manually. That does make them a little less efficient to use. If your previous attempts to clear your drain have failed, or you do not feel comfortable using a drain auger, request service from a plumber. Professional plumbers can take advantage of more sophisticated equipment to clear a clog. For example, cable, flat tape and toilet augers are all available with power options. That way, the plumber can connect the auger to a drill or turn on built-in power to force the auger through the pipes more quickly and effectively. Your plumber in Sacramento, CA can also use a rocket nozzle auger, a special type of auger that forces jets of water through the pipes to clear the clog faster.

The best way to deal with drain clogs is to stop them from happening in the first place. When that fails, you have a variety of augers available to clear the clog efficiently. If you need help resolving a clog in your plumbing, contact Ace Plumbing for quick service.