Sacramento Plumbing Inspection Guide

Plumbing inspection

The housing market in Sacramento, like so much else these days, is a decidedly mixed bag. On one hand, demand outstrips supply, which should make it a seller’s market. On the other hand, the recent economic downturn and banks tightening the purse strings are making things more difficult for buyers and sellers alike. Now, Ace Plumbing can’t help with market fundamentals. But there’s something else that’s fundamental to Sacramento home sales that we can help with: your home inspection, especially as it relates to plumbing, heating, and air conditioning, and the plumbing repairs that make your home an easier sell.

Let us assess your Sacramento plumbing and HVAC systems.

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The Home Inspector’s Role

If you’re a buyer dealing with a realtor, your real estate agent will probably recommend a home inspector with whom they’ve worked. If you’re doing your due diligence or if you’re buying an FSBO property, it’s a good idea to check their credentials with the American Society of Home Inspectors or National Institute of Home Inspectors, read reviews, and ask anyone you know if there’s someone they feel comfortable recommending. The inspector’s responsibility is to ensure that the home is structurally sound, and that many of its key components and systems are in working order, for the buyer’s protection.

What Home Inspectors Look For

There are many items home inspectors don’t look for, including radon, mold, lead paint, and asbestos. If you’re selling your home, it helps to do a walkthrough prior to the inspection and look at the same items your home inspector will be examining. Several sample home inspection checklists are available online for your guidance, explaining what’s under the magnifying glass from your rooftop to your basement floor.

But since we’re specialists in plumbing and HVAC, let’s look a bit closer at those areas.

  • Major appliances are a major focus; from your stove and washer/dryer to your water heater, furnace, and central air, make sure everything works properly.
  • Plumbing is a major focus as well. Anything that doesn’t work, whether it’s a shower head, a toilet, or your faucets, should be fixed or replaced.
  • Inspectors are also checking the condition of mains, sewers, and septic systems. They won’t be as thorough as a video sewer inspection from Ace Plumbing, but if you suspect you need sewer repair or water main repair, call us.
  • Check your basement or crawlspace for signs of leaks or poor drainage. Sometimes these issues stem from your plumbing, while others may be the result of structural issues.

So Why Call a Plumber?

By now you’re probably wondering why we bring all of this up. While home inspectors are ostensibly neutral, their job is to protect homebuyers. Since sellers need someone on their side too, it’s a good idea to get an idea of what repairs are needed and what they’ll cost. That, in turn, will play into homeowners’ calculus when the time comes to list their property, since you may decide to handle some repairs on your own, or to adjust your asking price and disclose the issue so the new homeowner can deal with it. The one thing you certainly don’t want is to be close to a closing only to find out that your home had a number of issues about which you were completely unaware, so get in touch with Contact New Window Ace Plumbing today!

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