Safe Practices for Your Furnace

Safe furnace practices

You know that your furnace generates heat, but you may not know what kinds of risks are involved. The truth is that there are many things you need to watch out for in your furnace, to maintain a safe home for your family.

Ensure Proper Ventilation

All of your HVAC appliances require appropriate ventilation. Some parts of the system, such as your air conditioner, are located outside. Others, including your furnace, sit inside your home. You need to guarantee that there is adequate airflow around the furnace. This is especially true if your furnace uses atmospheric combustion. You may also consider getting a sealed combustion furnace for your home, which is vented directly outside and generally regarded as a safer appliance.

Learn Safe Maintenance

You may want to save some time by doing a bit of furnace maintenance on your own. Every time, you should use safe practices. Do not simply turn off the thermostat when you start maintenance. Turn off the circuit breaker to the furnace, and shut off the fuel if necessary. If you are brushing dust or cleaning any components, use safety goggles and gloves to reduce the likelihood of injuring your hands or getting debris in your eyes. When you are done, put the front cover back on properly to prevent exhaust from flooding your home. Newer furnaces may stop function when the cover is not in place, but an older furnace might not have that capability.

Keep Up Your Detectors

There are two kinds of detectors you need for your home: smoke and carbon monoxide (CO). Smoke detectors are required by law, but you may not have a CO detector in your home. Some systems rely on your home’s power to function, but most use batteries. Test each detector twice a year, and change the batteries as often as needed. Install the CO detector near appliances that produce exhaust. Unlike smoke, CO is colorless and odorless so you may not notice its accumulation. Do not disconnect any smoke detectors. Most homes need more than one to ensure that you get notice with enough time to get out of the house in the event of a furnace fire.

Request Regular Service

A lot of furnace hazards could be easily resolved with minor repairs from a qualified Sacramento HVAC technician. Even some more serious problems may not affect the furnace’s basic functions, so you might not know something is wrong until your furnace is engulfed in flames. Schedule regular service once a year, preferably in the fall. Your technician will test all components and look for concerns that should be addressed immediately. Your peace of mind is worth the small investment.

Even though your furnace is designed to keep you warm and safe, you should never forget that you have to take good care of it to protect your home. With considerate upkeep and furnace repair in Sacramento, you will get through another winter in comfort and safety. Contact us at Ace Plumbing to learn more about furnace safety and other heating topics.