Signs Your Sprinkler System Needs a Repair in Sacramento


Because they aren’t indoors, and because we don’t necessarily use them year ‘round, it’s easy to forget about our sprinkler systems and irrigation systems. That is, until they stop working, in which case we’re frantically Googling, wondering “Who can fix my sprinkler?” Good news: the  that you need is as close as a call to Ace Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning.

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Nine Signs of Sprinkler System Trouble

The average irrigation or sprinkler system has far more parts than you may realize. Besides the sprinkler heads and the lines that serve them, there’s also an electronic control unit, a backflow preventer, a shutoff valve, risers, and a water pump. That’s a lot of possible points of failure, so how can you tell when something is wrong?

  • Visible damage to sprinkler heads
  • Clogs caused by root incursions
  • Sprinklers that activate at the wrong times, or not at all
  • Cracks in pipes
  • Persistent leaks
  • Zones that won’t turn on
  • Low water pressure at the sprinkler heads
  • A buzz, hum, or other unusual noise from your pump
  • Parts of your lawn or plants that your system consistently fails to water

Who Can Help Repair Your Sprinkler System?

We’re aware that there are many guides available for sprinkler system troubleshooting. We’re also aware that the average home or business owner likely has better things to do with their time than to run down endless lists trying to troubleshoot a problem that could have multiple causes.

Take low water pressure as an example. This can be caused by improper pressure from the main connection, a leak in the lines that serve the sprinkler heads, or an issue with the heads themselves. Likewise, if you notice that parts of your landscaping are bone dry when they shouldn’t be, that could stem from improper water pressure (see above), a clogged sprinkler head, improper head height, or a change in topography that means your sprinklers’ current configuration is insufficient for the job.

As a New Window Sacramento plumbing company that has extensive experience with issues like these, we’re able to troubleshoot faster and far more effectively than homeowners or landscapers alike, ensuring the problem is fixed right the first time.

What to Expect

Our first step is to inspect your system and identify the source of your problem. Sometimes this is obvious (for example, a broken sprinkler head). In other instances, the installation of an updated control unit can contribute to better performance and higher efficiency. And of course, if your system is very old, or if your property has undergone significant changes in its grading, its green scaping, or the types of flora you’ve planted, installing a new irrigation system may be your best bet.

Sprinkler System Repair Cost

As you’ve seen, and as New Window Ace Plumbing knows from experience, irrigation system problems take a variety of forms, each with different solutions. For this reason, a fixed price is impossible to give. So we’ll visit you, get the lay of the land, and provide you with a written quote. Should you accept it, we’ll get right to work repairing or redesigning your lawn’s sprinkler system.

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