The Importance of Roof and Attic Vents

Having adequate ventilation through the top of a home’s roof is essential for proper air flow, and installing new vents improves the overall functioning of your Sacramento HVAC system.

During the summer, excessively hot air tends to accumulate in the attic, and temperatures can climb as high as 150 degrees during the summer. This hot air interferes with the efficiency of a building’s air conditioning system, and homeowners should be sure to have a minimum of 1 square foot of ventilation for every 300 square feet of floor space.

Ridge Vents

Ridge vents are designed with an external baffle that lets air move from the attic into the outdoors. The vents are so named because they run along the entire length of a home’s ridge and may be made from aluminum or capped with a product that blends in with the roof’s aesthetic appearance. The vents are often installed with soffit vents for the best results.

Static Vents

Static vents are protected holes in a roof that let air circulate between the attic and the outdoors. As such, the vents reduce the amount of heat that builds up, especially during the summer. The products are usually made from a heavy-duty plastic that resists the weather and protects the opening, so air can freely enter and exit the attic. The vents come in a range of designs and are a cost-effective way to fight hot attic air and reduce electric consumption.

Gable Vents

Wall louvers, or gable vents, are usually placed on the top of the exterior wall just under the roof. These vents may be used in combination with other products for improved air circulation.

Wind Turbines

Turbines are the large mushroom-shaped caps that sit on top of a roof and catch the natural current. When the wind blows, the turbine spins and propels an internal fan. The turbines work best in conditions where the winds average 5 miles per hour.

Soffit Vents

Along the home’s eaves, soffit vents reduce heat buildup and let cool air enter to replace the hot air that exits from ridge, turbine or gable vents. Soffit vents are usually made from vinyl or aluminum and have small slits that let air flow into a home.

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