Things to Know About Replacing a Garbage Disposal

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If you’re a homeowner that happens to have a garbage disposal, sometimes you will find they will break down and need to be replaced.

Garbage disposals don’t last forever, and even the most reliable ones will need to be replaced periodically.

When you are replacing your garbage disposal, you will need to take certain measures before and during the replacement of your unit.

Let’s take a look at several different things you should do when replacing a garbage disposal.

Make Sure your Garbage Disposal is Actually Broken

Garbage disposals will act in certain ways that will give the appearance of a breakdown that is catastrophic, and you will think replacement may be necessary.

However, a garbage disposal replacement may not be needed, it may just require a few simple fixes instead.

When troubleshooting the garbage disposal you will want to try a couple of things.

One, if you turn on the power switch and nothing happens you can always check the outlet which is most times located underneath the sink. It’s easy for the power plug to accidentally become dislodged when you are either accessing supplies stored in this, or for other reasons.

If you find that the plug is actually securely plugged in it may be possible that the circuit has actually been tripped.

Locating the little red button on the bottom of your garbage disposal and pushing it to reset the circuit is in order here.

If you turn on the disposal and it’s still not running, it’s time for a replacement operation.

Two, another thing you can try is turning on the switch of the garbage disposal. If the motor will hum, however, the blades won’t turn, it may be jammed.

Inspect the garbage disposal with a flashlight and look into it. Items such as a peach pit or other blockage may be happening.

If there is a lot of fibrous waste wrapped around the blades, you can cut the power to the garbage disposal and use a pair of pliers or a long fork to remove the object.

It’s important to never stick your fingers into the garbage disposal because the blades are extremely sharp.

If you’ve unclogged your garbage disposal, you can turn it on and see if it works. If it only hums it may require replacement.

How to Replace Garbage Disposal

If you need to replace your garbage disposal, you will need several types of tools in order to accomplish the job.

You will need a flat head screwdriver, Phillips head screwdriver, hammer, needlenose pliers, putty knife, plumbers putty, and a flashlight.

After assembling your tools, remember to shut off the electricity before replacing the garbage disposal.

Once you turn the power off, unscrew the discharge tube and give the tube a tug to separate it from the garbage disposal.

Remove the flexible hose that is usually positioned above the discharge tube and unscrew the drain connection and give it a tug to disconnect it. You will then want to locate the mounting ring and rotate the ring while supporting the garbage disposal.

At this point, you will unscrew the metal face plate and disconnect the copper grounding wire from underneath the green screw holding it in place, and then unclip the two electrical wires to connect your home’s electrical system to the garbage disposal.

Then remove the rubber snap ring from inside the old mounting bracket flange while removing the old mounting bracket. You might need to unscrew it but most times it’ll simply slide off. Push up the sink flange, which is the metal ring inside your kitchen sink, and then remove it by pulling it up and out of the sink.

The final step is to step out from under the sink and scrape away any old putty that remains around the sink drain.

These are the basic operations to troubleshoot and replace your garbage disposal. If you need any help with replacing your garbage disposal for any other plumbing needs, just contact us in the greater Sacramento area.