Reasons Your Dishwasher May Be Clogged in the Greater Sacramento Area

Reasons Your Dishwasher May Be Clogged

Dishwasher clogs are quite different from typical clogs as it’s more difficult to see the clog developing. That means you may not notice a clog until it’s too late. Unfortunately, there are many reasons why your dishwasher could be clogged, and one of those reasons is a plumbing issue like a broken sewer line. At Ace Plumbing Heating and Air … Read More

Things to Know About Replacing a Garbage Disposal

How to Replace Garbage Disposal

If you’re a homeowner that happens to have a garbage disposal, sometimes you will find they will break down and need to be replaced. Garbage disposals don’t last forever, and even the most reliable ones will need to be replaced periodically. When you are replacing your garbage disposal, you will need to take certain measures before and during the replacement … Read More

Cut Energy Costs in Sacramento While Working from Home

Sacramento employee working from home

Several months into the COVID pandemic, we’re all settling into a new normal and all that goes with it. There’ve been some unexpected benefits, like more time with family. And there’ve been some surprising downsides, like expanding waistlines, high anxiety, and even higher energy bills. We can’t help with jitters or snug blue jeans, but when it comes to saving … Read More

Signs Your Water Softener Needs Maintenance

Water softeners do more than help soap to lather, or keep spots off your dishes. They also protect your plumbing from the ill effects of hard water, and also help to prevent some expensive appliance repairs. Like anything else, your system needs to be maintained in order to work as it’s supposed to. Here’s how to know when you should … Read More

Can Pipes Freeze in Central California?

frozen pipes

Short answer first: you bet they can. Since that may not tell you much you didn’t already know, and won’t do a lot to protect your home, what can you do to prevent frozen pipes? And, equally to the point, when should you call a plumbing professional like Ace Plumbing if you suspect the plumbing in your Sacramento home or … Read More

What is Backflow?

plumber under a sink

You’d think that the flow of water would be a straightforward thing, but when it comes to residential and commercial plumbing, there are many different problems that can arise. One of these is backflow, which happens when water reverses its flow in a plumbing system. When this happens, the potable (drinkable) water supply gets contaminated as the result of wastewater … Read More

Pick the Right Material For Your Bathroom Sink

We’re convinced that there are two times you should stay away from Google. One is when you’re sick (since every case of the sniffles is apparently fatal), and the other is when you’re remodeling your home, because there’s just too much contradictory information out there. Rather than suggesting brands, Ace Plumbing is going to take a different tack: we’ll cover … Read More

New Homebuyer’s Plumbing Checklist

If you’re house-hunting, here are some common plumbing items to check

The Money Pit wasn’t Tom Hanks’ best film or his most popular. But it resonates to this day with anybody who’s ever bought a house with high hopes only to find out that it wasn’t what it first seemed to be. If you’d like to spend more time enjoying your new home than on the phone with Ace Plumbing, start … Read More