Time for Trenchless Water and Sewer Service?

Trenchless Water and Sewer Service

Sacramento was founded in 1848. Davis followed in 1850, Lincoln by 1859, and Folsom in the 1860’s. Some days, it seems like the sewer and water systems haven’t been changed since. When something goes wrong with one or the other, the resulting repairs can be very disruptive. While we can’t eliminate all of the disruption and inconvenience, Ace Plumbing uses modern tools and methods to keep it to a bare minimum. Time for trenchless sewer and water line replacement? Here’s how to find out.

Signs of a Water Main Issue

Water main issues may be sudden, but most homeowners don’t realize that they’re usually a problem that arises gradually, and with plenty of warning. The signs may be subtle, but if you’re alert you can catch them early.

  • Low water pressure is often your first sign, but you should check to make sure that the cause isn’t something else, like the recent installation of a low-flow shower head
  • Water that has an odd smell, strange color, or grit present in it is often letting you know that soil and contaminants like bacteria have infiltrated your water main
  • If it sounds like the water is running when nothing’s on, you don’t have a ghost, you’ve got a leak
  • Water main leaks can cause abnormal grass growth in certain areas, or pools of water on your property
  • Maybe you don’t see any of the above, but you’re noticing higher water bills with no clear cause; call us

Signs of a Major Sewer Issue

As with your water main, your sewer lines have ways to warn you when you’re due for a nasty surprise. The sooner you recognize and address these issues, the better off you’ll be, since some of these problems can be solved with hydro-jetting and cleaning before they become the kinds of problems that necessitate replacement.

  • Backflow, especially when water backs up through your drains or toilets
  • Odor, since your sewer system should be airtight — those smells are a sign of a clog or cracked pipe
  • Slow drainage, which is often the first sign of a blockage that can turn into a clog or major backup
  • Grass growth isn’t just a sign of a water main leak, since sewage can act as a source of water and fertilizer
  • Septic systems aren’t immune from problems either, so call us if you see pooling over your tank or drain field

So What’s Next?

First things first: don’t panic. Each of these signs can have other sources, so the first thing Ace Plumbing will do is to conduct a thorough inspection — including a video inspection of your sewer and water lines — to pinpoint the cause. Sometimes a more conservative approach, like snaking or hydro-jetting, can clear out clogs and obstructions without a replacement being necessary.

If hydro-jetting or other less-intrusive approaches won’t solve the problem, we’ll resort to trenchless replacement. Think of it as minimally-invasive surgery for your plumbing, since we’re actually installing replacement pipe made of HDPE within the existing pipe. That means less digging, less time and cleanup, and less expense.

A Word (or Two) of Warning

While it’s highly effective, there are times when trenchless won’t work. Sometimes your pipes are too damaged, or have extensive root incursions. And while we help with the permitting, code, and legal issues, these can sometimes present insurmountable obstacles. Finally, avoid the home remedies suggested by well-intentioned DIY sites, since these can often cause more problems than they solve, and more expense than you thought you were saving.

So, in closing: if you suspect you have a problem, reach out to Home Ace Plumbing. Our goal is always to find the most cost-effective and least invasive solution possible, saving you time, headaches, and money.