Toilet Designs: Recent Innovations and Cost Comparison

toilet designs

Your toilets have given you many years of faithful service, but it may be time to look for something new. Hold on to your hat, because toilets have come a long way in the past couple of decades. From bidets to smart flushing, music syncing and self-deodorizing, this guide shows you the latest in toilet innovations and a useful cost comparison.

Updates to Bidet Technology

A bidet is not necessarily new technology. Many countries have relied on bidets for years. However, they are taking the United States by storm, as people realize that they may not really need to use toilet paper. New version of the bidet will spray water both in front and in back, thereby reducing or eliminating toilet paper consumption. Most modern bidets also offer drying capability. This way, you do not have to wipe off the water, or risk getting cold on a chilly winter’s day.

Smart Toilets

If you are willing to pay more, you can get toilets that are considered “smart.” You are probably familiar with toilets that have a sensor to identify when you have stood up, so they can automatically flush. There are also toilets that have overflow protection, to keep your bathroom floor nice and dry. The toilet simply will not flush if there is a clog in the pipes. Some also come with self-cleaning features, to make keeping tidy a bit easier. Other “smart” toilet technologies include:

  • heated seating
  • remote control
  • nightlight

You may pay a lot more for these features, but they may also be worth it if you want any of them particularly badly.

How Much Does a New Toilet Cost?

The range for toilets is wider than you might expect. A very basic toilet with a gravity-based flush and a standard bowl will cost around $180-$230. Any technology you want with the toilet may increase the cost exponentially. You could pay as much as $6,000 or more for a toilet that has colored lighting, Bluetooth connectivity and other features. There are toilets at every price point in between, as well. On average, a toilet costs about $375 to install. Some people install their own toilets, but you should consider hiring a Sacramento plumber if you are not extremely confident about your plumbing skills.
If you think about it, people spend a lot of collective time on their toilets. With this realization, you may decide that you would rather have a toilet that has a bidet or other smart features that make your life easier. To learn more about the latest toilet innovations and styles, or arrange for toilet installation, contact us at Ace Plumbing.