Troubleshooting Your Home Sprinkler System

When spring is in full swing, you like to test out your sprinkler system before it gets hot. What do you do when it does not seem to work very well? Fortunately, there are a few things you can do at home to try to solve the problem quickly. Here are some tips to help you locate and resolve minor sprinkler problems.

System/Zone Problems

If the sprinklers do not seem to be turning on at all, you can think of it as a whole system problem and start looking at the very beginning of the process. Look at your control device. Is it turned on? If so, check your circuit breaker box to make sure that the switch controlling the sprinkler system is not turned off. Your sprinkler system is divided up into a number of zones. When most of your system is turning on properly, but one or two zones are not, you should inspect their electrical connections to the control box. Turn off the system and shut off power to the control box, for safety. The wires should be attached properly to the controls, with no signs of corroding. Fix it and attempt to turn it on again. If you determine that the wires are connected correctly and the zone is still malfunctioning, contact your Sacramento plumber for advice.

Sprinkler Heads

Usually, if there is something wrong with a sprinkler head, you will know fairly quickly. Since this part of the sprinkler system rises above the ground, it is the most likely to be broken by a lawn mower or other instrument. Replacing the sprinkler head is a fairly simple task. Turn off the sprinkler system and twist off the sprinkler head. Look for signs of damage, or that the sprinkler head is clogged with dirt. If it is very dirty but appears to be otherwise intact, wash it thoroughly with water and replace it. If it is broken, arrange to purchase a new sprinkler head and install it correctly. Turn on the sprinkler system to verify accurate replacement.

Water Pressure

When the water pressure seems unusually low, you know you have a problem somewhere along the line. Start with the backflow valves. Are they open? If not, this may be the cause of the problem. After opening the valves, look at the water pressure again. If you observe some sprinkler heads that are either not spraying water or spraying much less, look for the place where it changes. The distance between a functioning sprinkler head and a non-functioning one is likely the location of the fault. You could have a leak in the line or a crushed pipe, which may require the services of a plumber in Sacramento, CA.

Problems with your sprinkler system are going to happen. The better prepared you are, the more likely you can fix your sprinkler concerns before they ruin your landscaping. For more guidance in the maintenance of your sprinkling system, contact Ace Plumbing.