Is Your HVAC System Making Your Home Dusty?

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If the inside of your house has got you feeling like you’re in the Dust Bowl, it might not simply be a case of dust coming in through your windows. Excessive dust in your home is not only unsightly, it also has the potential to get allergens into your home, making you and your family sick. In many cases, the filters and ducts of your house’s HVAC system are the culprits that are accountable for all the dust in your home.

Here at Ace Plumbing, our HVAC professionals are well-versed in cleaning out HVAC systems and helping to improve the dust situation in your home.

What Causes All the Dust In Your Home?

Lack of a Proper Seal

If you spend a great deal of time dusting, only to find that a few days later all the dust has returned, it could be due to faulty heating and air conditioning ductwork. When the ducts in your home’s HVAC system are not sealed properly, the air is easily able to travel in and out of the ducts. When this occurs, the clean air escapes and the dirty air from your crawl space or attic goes through the ducts and then settles as dust on your floors and furniture.

Besides having an overly dusty home, there are additional clues that you have leaky ducts. Because all the conditioned air isn’t making it to every room in your home, you’ll notice spots that are hotter in the summer and cooler in the winter. Also, your energy bills will get higher than normal due to the fact that the air conditioner and heater have to run to reach the specified thermostat setting.

To prevent this from happening, our HVAC professionals will seal all leaks in the ductwork. Our specialists have the experience, the knowledge, and the proper equipment to identify where the leaks are coming from and promptly solve the issue.

Cheap Air Filters

Another common culprit for excess dust in your home is a cheap fiberglass intake air filter that isn’t doing its job. Remember that cheap air filters are cheap for a reason, and they simply do not filter the dust and dirt as well as higher-end filters. When this happens, the AC evaporator coil gets dirty and airborne dust
begins to recirculate through your home. If it seems like your filters never get dirty or you never need to change them, it is likely that they are failing to filter out any dust.

A solution to this issue is to have a certified HVAC professional install air filters with a higher MERV rating. The higher the MERV rating, the smaller the dust particles that it can catch. While most fiberglass air filters are rated from one to four, for maximum effectiveness, you’ll want one with a rating of at least five.

Sacramento, CA HVAC Professionals

If your house is dustier than it should be, the professionals here at Ace Plumbing are ready to provide a fix. Whether you have a faulty air filter or lack of a proper seal, there is a good chance your HVAC system is causing the issue. For prompt, professional, and thorough HVAC repairs and installations, contact us at (916) 455-4548 today.