Using Video Cameras in Sewer Lines

video inspection

Plumbing technology has come along way. Gone are the days of strictly guesswork and busting up long lengths of concrete trying to find a drain problem. Today’s tools have made it easier to detect breaks in sewer lines and repair them with little disruption saving a Sacramento homeowner or business thousands of dollars in labor and material costs to fix the problem. 


Using Video Cameras

One of the primary tools plumbing companies use to find a break in sewer lines is a video camera. In the hands of a professional Sacramento plumber, this tool can locate exactly where a sewer line problem exists. First, though, it’s a good idea to understand what causes a break or blockage in a sewer line. 

The following conditions can create sewer line breaks and blocks:

• Tree roots growing into a sewer line.

• Kitchen grease.

• Improper use of a garbage disposal.

• Improper objects flushed down a toilet.

• Freeze and thaw cycles.

• Naturally deteriorating sewer and water lines.

• Back-ups in a city sewer line.

Tree roots growing into a sewer line is the most common reason for a break in sewer lines. Roots from trees and bushes seek out water and nutrients, and a sewer line provides both. This problem can be temporarily solved by rodding out a sewer line, but the problem will reoccur unless the cause is addressed. That means the tree must be removed or a new sewer line must be installed.

A grease blockage is caused by dumping grease down the kitchen sink. This can be temporarily fixed by rodding the line. However, grease trapped in a line will drip down and clog the sewer line again. A grease trap will help, but the key is don’t dump grease into a sewer line.

Avoid dumping any fibrous foods into a garbage disposal. This includes banana peels, corn husks, celery and onion peels. Grind food refuse in small amounts, and run cold water before and after turning on the disposal.

Sewer lines are designed to accept human waste and toilet paper. Flushing other items such as baby wipes down a toilet can clog the line.

Some of Sacramento’s aging infrastructure dates back 100 years. The city replaces and repairs old concrete and clay pipes when problems arise but water and waste naturally decay and weaken pipes. Depending on your location, pipes leading into your building could be living on borrowed time.

How it Works

The video camera is deployed to find a break or blockage in a sewer line. These high-tech devices are designed to work on pipes installed in homes. The camera is mounted at the end of a fiber-optic line. This line is pushed into a sewer pipe. The camera sees by means of LEDs that light the head of the camera.

After the problem is located, the plumber finds the camera by means of a transmitter. This pinpoints exactly where the problem is located. Using trenchless technology, our plumbing team can quickly make the repairs.

If you suspect a sewer or water line problem, contact Ace today. We offer 24/7 emergency service and our video technology can help save you thousands of dollars and quickly get to the source of the problem.