What are dual flush toilets?


As water becomes more scarce across the planet, people are beginning to understand the importance of conservation practices. Studies from the American Water Works Association show that toilets account for up to 45% of total household water waste. Scarce water supply in California makes it even more critical when plumbing Sacramento bathrooms. Energy efficient showers and toilets are now being installed with beautiful new bathroom products coming on to the market regularly.

What are dual flush?

Dual flush toilets are a relatively new innovation. The first dual flush toilet was created in 1980 by Caroma who continues to produce beautiful and function dual flush designs. They are extremely popular in countries where water is in short supply and/or regulated by government but have been slower to catch on in the US. 

They have a two-button flush system, one for liquid waste and one for solid — each button uses a different amount of water. Most of the time, people only need to use the water saving button, which uses a low flow to remove waste saving a lot of water over time. Dual flush toilets have a wide range of advantages and disadvantages.


The low flow button option on dual flush toilets helps Sacramento residents cut their monthly water bills by conserving water. Dual flush toilets also may require less plumbing maintenance, as they are often less likely to get clogged or backed up. The process of installing this type of toilet is very simple, and can be accomplished by professional Sacramento plumbers with very little hassle.


As cost-saving as dual flush toilets may be, their initial purchase price can be more than traditional toilets. However, their technology has dramatically improved, bringing costs down considerably, depending on the brand and model. Additionally, dual flush toilets may require extra cleaning, as the bowl does not contain as much water as traditional toilets.

Dual flush toilets are not for everyone. Before you decide to install one in your home or business, you should consult with a trained Sacramento plumber, who can give you more information and give advice based on your particular needs. Toilets are used everyday and having the most efficient toilet for your home or business is essential to keeping things running smoothly. If you are interested in saving money on your next water bill, or you are passionate about water conservation efforts, consider a dual flush toilet by talking the experts at Ace Plumbing today.