What is Hydro-Jetting?

is a procedure where a plumbing specialist deep-cleans a clogged or
slow-moving sewage line or pipe with hydro-jetting equipment.
Water is blasted through the lines at high pressure frequencies to remove
anything that could be blocking the passageways. Hydro jetting equipment
normally runs to the tune of 7,000 psi or more, making it one of the
best ways to unclog stubborn drains and sewage lines.

Ace plumbing
technicians always perform a video inspection before hydro-jetting to
determine what’s causing the build-up and the precise location of the blockage.
Using a video camera before hydro-jetting will help your plumbing
technician better understand the cause of clog, allowing them to fix
it depending on the exact problem. Common sewage and drain blockages
include corrosion, accumulated grease and debris and overgrown tree
roots. If tree roots are the underlying cause of the problem, the high
pressure of the water blasting should cut through them and clear the stoppage.
A snake may still be needed, however, to assist in taking down the heavier
tree roots. Another reason plumbing technicians need to perform video
inspections before hydro jetting is because if a pipe has been damaged,
hydro-jetting could cause the pipes to burst. Inspecting clogged areas
with a video camera can also reduce the likelihood of the sewage
getting into other areas.

is performed to remove silt, sand, and scale that has developed, as
well as hair buildup and other debris that develops on pipes and
sewage lines. Commercially, periodic hydro-jetting should be
performed on the pipes in restaurants in order to remove food, grease and
other built-up clogs.

jetting should only be performed by a professional who has the skills and
expertise necessary to carry out the job properly. If your drain, pipes or
sewage lines are moving slowly or are clogged, give us a call. Our plumbing
specialists are available around the clock and cater to the greater Sacramento
area. We can be reached by calling 916-596-1632.