What You Need to Know About Replacing Your Water Heater

replace water heater

With good care, a water heater could last as long as 10 years or more. Eventually, you need to replace it, which can cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars, depending on the model you choose. This guide helps you to make smart preparations for your new water heater.

Location, Location, Location

The place you put your new water heater matters. Many homeowners may not be able to select a different location than the spot where the current water heater is. However, if the space is particularly small or cramped, you may choose to ask your plumbers in Sacramento if you can move yours. The location of the water heater may prevent you from purchasing a larger tank. Tankless water heaters often require the installation of new plumbing equipment to accommodate them, but they have the added benefit of small size. They can be installed in many more places throughout the home than tank water heaters.

Installation Process

The installation process for a new water heater is fairly quick, but it requires care and expertise. Your Sacramento plumbers come in and shut off the water supply to the home, as well as the circuit breaker for the water heater. The tank is drained, and the plumbers confirm that the water heater has no power. Plumbers disconnect the fuel supply, disconnect the pipes connecting the water heater to the plumbing, and remove the old water heater. They put the new water heater in its place and ensure that all components are in good condition. They connect the plumbing and fuel supply, and hook the water heater up to power. The plumbers then turn on the water supply and power to the water heater, and light the pilot if necessary. They test the water heater to confirm that all components are now working in the home.

Replacement Costs

The amount of money you have to pay to replace your water heater depends on the type of water heater you want. You can expect to pay around $900 for purchase and installation of a traditional tank water heater. If you buy a tankless water heater, that cost may be more like $3,000. This estimate does not include expenses for any improvements you have to make to your current plumbing system to allow a tankless system to work. Fortunately, the increased efficiency of your new hot water heater will help to offset some of these costs, whether you buy a tank or a tankless system.

Replacing your water heater can help to create more hot water for your home, while improving your overall energy efficiency. With a firm understanding of the replacement process for a hot water heater, you can be better prepared to make an educated decision about the water heater that is best for your home. To learn more about water heater repair or replacement, contact Ace Plumbing.