Common Causes of Toilet Clogs


There are few things more annoying – and embarrassing – than discovering that you have a clogged toilet. It can also be a tough issue to address because clogged toilets can have a number of underlying causes that are difficult to identify. Fortunately, clogged toilets can sometimes be avoided with preventative efforts, and most of these common causes of clogged toilets can be quickly resolved by a visit from a plumber from Ace Plumbing.

You Flushed Something You Should Not Have

The most common cause of clogged toilets is due to people flushing something that is not supposed to be flushed. Remember that the toilet is only for disposing of human waste and toilet paper – and nothing else. Whenever you choose to flush something else down the toilet, you’re taking a risk that it might cause a clog. Common things that are flushed down the toilet that should not be include feminine hygiene products, cotton balls, dental floss, diapers, and tissues. These things have a tendency to get caught in the drain line and not break down and move on.

A Jammed Trap

A toilet repair specialist will tell you that all drain pipes have something known as a trap, which is the U-shaped bend in the pipe that remains filled with water. This water’s role is to prevent foul odors from wafting into your home from the sewer line. The toilet’s trap gets this job done, but the downside is that it also makes the trap a good place for a jam to develop. This is something that can be difficult to fix, so call a plumber if you suspect that this may be the issue.

Clogged Vent

Another place where a toilet can become clogged is in the vent. The way most indoor plumbing works is that fixtures vent to a home’s roof in order to allow fresh air into the plumbing system. It then replaces the vacuum of the air created when water drains. However, this vent can become clogged with leaves or debris and cause slow, gurgling, or even stopped drains. Because the vent needs to be cleaned out from the rooftop opening, this is a job best left to a professional.

Broken Flapper

Another part of the toilet that can malfunction is known as the flapper. When you take the lid of the toilet tank, the flapper is the round rubber gasket, and it opens during the flushing to allow the water in the tank to flush down into the bowl. When the flapper breaks, you may get a weak flush, causing clogs.

Sewer Line

If the plumber fails to find a problem with the actual toilet or vent, the issue might be in the sewer line that goes underneath your house. Over time, tree roots can put pressure on the sewer line, which leads to a break.

Sacramento, CA Toilet Repair

If you have a clogged toilet, remember that it is a common problem and the plumbers at Ace Plumbing have plenty of experience with fixing them. In addition to fixing clogged toilets, we also provide professional urinal and bidet services, repair, and installation.

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