Mistakes to Avoid with Drain Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning one’s own drains, sometimes, calling a plumber is the best
option. While it is almost always a great idea to leave this type of work up to the
professionals, there is also always, at least one exception, to this rule. With
that said, the following is an overview of the most common mistakes most people
make when attempting to clean out their own drains, in order to provide insight
and help others avoid these same mistakes. 

Coat Hangers

An age old
faux pas, many believe that using coat hangers is a suitable way to clean one’s
own drains. However, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Using coat
hangers can not only be ineffective, but they can even cause more damage by
damaging pipes or even getting stuck in the pipe as well. 


highly attractive option for do-it-yourselfers, drain cleaners are popular
because they promise to do the work of a professional, all with 1 bottle.
Unfortunately, this is almost never the case. In fact, unless you have a minor
clog, these chemicals can often do more harm than good. Besides giving off
toxic fumes, they will often just get stuck on top of the obstruction thus,
making the clog even harder to remove later. 

Garden Hoses

For some
unknown reason, using garden hoses has become a common option for people
attempting to clean out their own drains. While the notion of water pressure
seems to be on par with removing an obstruction from a drain, most hoses
aren’t nearly powerful enough to perform such a feat and the end result is more
often a bigger mess than you started with. 

While there
are some times in which minor clogs can be easily removed (i.e. fishing out a
toy or wedding ring), removing a drain blockage is often much more difficult
than it seems. Above all of the mistakes mentioned within this post, the top
mistake is always assuming you are more equipped to handle plumbing issues
rather than consulting with a trusted professional.