Five Signs That It’s Time to Replace Your Main Water Line

Five Signs That It’s Time to Replace Your Main Water Line

Clearing a clogged toilet or drain is relatively straightforward. You can see the problem, and the solution’s often as simple as grabbing a plunger (and then being more careful what goes down the drain). But what do you do when the problem is with the water coming out of your taps in the first place, and how do you know when it’s finally time to call Ace Plumbing to replace your main water line?


Low Water Pressure

If your water pressure isn’t what it used to be, this is often one of the first warning signs of a clog. However, be sure the problem isn’t caused by something else you’ve done, like installing a low-flow shower head. These fixtures often won’t flow as vigorously as the ones they’ve replaced.


Water Contamination

If your water is discolored, gritty, or giving off an odd smell, it’s often a sign that outside contaminants from the soil or surrounding groundwater are seeping into your water main.


Odd Noises

You may hear noise while your water is running, or as it drains from your sink or tub. That’s normal. What’s abnormal is when you’re hearing the sound of running water when none of your taps are on and your toilet hasn’t been flushed.


Higher Water Bills

You’re careful about your water usage and diligent about policing for leaks, but you’re still noticing your water bill creeping up month after month. This is often a sign of a water main problem.


Tree Root Incursion

One of the most common causes of a water or sewer main problem is also one of the hardest to identify. Look for pools of water on your property, or even a patch of grass that’s much greener or faster-growing than the surrounding landscape.


Do I Really Need to Replace My Water Main?

Some of the issues above, like breaks and incursions from tree roots, are sure signs that it’s time to replace your water main. However, your water main is like the rest of the plumbing in your home in at least one respect: the problems you’re seeing can come from any number of sources.


A clog, for instance, may be solved by cleaning the main rather than replacing it. Hydro-jetting services from Ace Plumbing may solve your problem; if it doesn’t, our trenchless water line replacement can have you back up and running in a short time.


Water line problems can be hard for a layperson to identify, and harder still to troubleshoot. What’s worse is that the home remedies found on many sites targeted at thrifty homeowners could cause you more trouble than they solve, and much more expense than you would’ve incurred had you called an expert in the first place.


For help identifying and solving your plumbing problems — whether it’s a nagging leak, a persistent clog, or larger jobs like water and sewer main replacement — contact the Sacramento plumbing professionals at Ace Plumbing today.