When Is It Time to Upgrade Kitchen and Bathroom Appliances?

When Is It Time to Upgrade Kitchen and Bathroom Appliances


Ace Plumbing gets plenty of calls from Sacramento homeowners ahead of remodels, since we’ve helped make their kitchens, bathrooms, and much more feel like home. But what if you’re years from a remodel? That doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from a new dishwasher, or the installation of a new shower head or toilet. Here’s how to know if it’s time for an upgrade.


Frequent Repairs

For sensible or frugal homeowners, repairs are the way to go. It’s easier and less expensive to replace a washer that might only cost a few dollars than it would to replace an entire fixture, and it’s easier by far to replace the gasket on a dishwasher than it is to install a new one. However, you also need to look at the big picture. Repair bills add up quickly, especially for appliances where it’s not a single part but an entire assembly that needs replacing. When you do the math, it often turns out that it’s cheaper to replace an old stove, or to install a new water heater, than it is to keep repairing it.



This is one reason we wish Sacramento homeowners would pay closer attention to. Sometimes it’s a good thing that they don’t make things like they used to. New appliances and fixtures are much more efficient than their older counterparts. That means using less water and electricity to wash clothes or run your dishwasher. It means stoves and ovens that put less of a dent in your utility bills. It means low-flow faucets and shower heads that conserve precious water. Best of all, the money you spend today can actually pay itself back faster than you realize.



If you have children or pets, you may have held off on buying much of anything new. But sooner or later, the pets mellow out and the kids grow up, which means it’s time to replace the worn, dented, scratched, and rusting appliances you’ve held onto because you didn’t want something brand-new damaged by wayward paws, or have its enamel chipped by thrown Matchbox cars or beaten up by clumsy hands and feet. Your kitchen appliances shouldn’t look like the aftermath of a demolition derby, nor should your bathroom fixtures require the strength of Superman to keep from dripping or leaking.


There’s another consideration here as well: appliances and fixtures that are damaged can end up causing expensive — or catastrophic — damage to other parts of your home. Flooding, electrical fires, carbon monoxide leaks… the list goes on and on, and doesn’t get any prettier the further down you get.


Your Kitchen or Bathroom Looks Like a Relic

They say everything comes back into style sooner or later. But you’ve lived in your home for 20 years, and you haven’t seen your bathroom look stylish ever. We’ve helped countless homeowners over the years who’ve been diligent about upkeep and maintenance. The only thing wrong with their bathroom or kitchen was that they were sick of it. That’s a perfectly valid reason to remodel! For all the time you spend in these rooms, you’d might as well enjoy them.


There’s another reason to replace your appliances and fixtures that can’t be quantified by your utility bills or compared against someone’s Pinterest board or copy of Architectural Digest: peace of mind. When you know you’re surrounded by appliances that are new, safe, and attractive, it reinforces the feeling of home and lets you forget about some of life’s day-to-day craziness for a bit. If you ask us, that’s priceless. For help getting your home into the 21st Century, give Ace Plumbing a call today for a consultation.