How Can I Save Money on Plumbing?

don't break the bank

We understand. Money is finite, and the thought of spending money on plumbing or HVAC repairs probably isn’t high on your list. So if you’re trying to save money on plumbing, heating, and air conditioning, is there a good way to do it? Just as Ace Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning has ample experience addressing plumbing and HVAC problems, we also know plenty of ways to save money while you do it.

Take Care of the Essentials

There are many problems that can be prevented with common sense and a little TLC. Case in point: your drains and toilets. Many calls we get find us dealing with things that should never have been flushed, or shouldn’t have been put down the drain. Know what you shouldn’t flush, and know the things that should never go down the drain, and act accordingly. It’s simple, but it works. Similarly, when it comes to your heating and air conditioning, change your filters on schedule. Your whole system will work better, and will need fewer repairs.

Spend Money to Save Money

Sometimes the very things we’re doing to save money right now are costing us more over the long term. If your shower head is crusted with hard water, it’s tempting to go to the local big box store, find something cheap, and install it. The same goes for other small purchases like plumbing fixtures, or bigger purchases like a garbage disposal or a new furnace installation.

The problem is that those things are cheap for a reason. The quality of the materials used, and the manufacture, isn’t as good as you’d get by spending a few dollars more. A $20 shower head isn’t a savings when you’re buying them annually.

We often see this compounded on higher-ticket purchases. In the case of a furnace or central air system, less expensive often means less efficient, so the money saved up front comes out later in higher air conditioning bills. It’s important to think not only of short-term costs, but of long-term savings.

Don’t Wait on Repairs

You’d be surprised how often a major plumbing repair didn’t start out that way. Many big problems have their roots in something that’s minor, but that gets much worse due to neglect. Fixing that slow leak in your toilet, or replacing a faucet with a faulty gasket, can seem like a pain, but it’s easier than having to tear out and replace your cabinets or a floor that have been rotted out by water damage.

Don’t Skimp on Maintenance

Similarly, many common plumbing and HVAC problems could be prevented by routine maintenance. Maintaining your furnace, central air, or hot water heater keeps them running well year after year. The average modern system is rated to last for about fifteen years, but won’t last nearly that long if it’s neglected. Not only will we keep the system clean and well-maintained to ensure peak operation, we can also catch early warning signs that a system is nearing the end of its service life, and can best advise you about your next steps.

Don’t Skimp on Experience

Just as we don’t suggest cheap fixtures, appliances, and parts, we also don’t suggest cheap and inexperienced labor. When you contact a plumber in Sacramento, you want someone who knows what they’re doing, and who is properly licensed and insured. Not only do you have the assurance of quality work, you also have a measure of accountability you wouldn’t get if you either tried to do the job yourself or tried to hire a fly-by-night plumber. If you’ve read this far, you understand that the cost of plumbing doesn’t exist in a vacuum; the consequences of neglect or carelessness can have an impact far beyond that initial invoice. So call Ace Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning for peace of mind, and plumbing done right.