Maintenance for Your Window Air Conditioner

window AC

Before there was central air conditioning, many people had window air conditioners. To this day, window or room A/C is an effective means to cool homes, apartments and more. With this guide, you can maintain your window air conditioning units, to keep them running throughout the summer.

Clean Air Filter
The most fundamental part of any air conditioner maintenance is the air filter. Your window A/C’s air filter helps to filter out particles that come in from the outside. These include dust, dirt, allergens, even insects. If the filter gets dirty, the air conditioner has to work harder to push air through it. Once a month, remove the cover of the air conditioner and clean the filter. Allow it to fully dry before you replace it.

Inspect and Clean Coils
You have condensing coils and cooling coils on the exterior of your window A/C. Make a periodic check of the cooling coils. Are they covered in frost or ice? If so, you may be running the air conditioner at times when the air outside is too cool. Window air conditioners are not meant to be operated below 60 degrees Fahrenheit. If you need air conditioning at night when the temperature drops below 60, you may need to supplement with a fan to avoid damaging your air conditioner.
You should set a reminder to clean your condensing coils at least once a summer. They can get surprisingly dirty. Compressed air works quite well to remove a thin layer of dust, but you can also use a stiff brush to get layers of dirt the air will not remove. Purchase an inexpensive fin comb to put the condenser fins back into place. Should you notice any significant damage to the fins or the coils, request A/C repair in Sacramento.

Clear Drain and Water Pan
Air conditioners work by creating condensation on the air outside to cool it. This condensation leads to water at the bottom of the air conditioner. Anytime you perform routine maintenance on your window A/C, take the water pan and clean it with mild, soapy water. Make sure the drain ports are clear of dirt at the same time, so your unit does not leak.

Store Properly
At the end of the summer, you will need to find a place to store your window air conditioner for the fall and winter. Experts recommend that you remove the air conditioner from the winter, allow it to dry out and store it with an appropriate air conditioner cover in your basement or attic. If you must leave it in the window, be sure to cover it with an approved cover. This avoids buildup of condensation and rust, and reduces the likelihood that insects will nest inside the appliance.
You need your window air conditioning to work perfectly during the hot summer. These machines run so much better with regular, careful maintenance. For advice about window A/C upkeep and water heater repair for your Sacramento home, contact us at Ace Plumbing.