How to Prep Your Air Conditioner for Spring

How to Prep Your Air Conditioner for Spring

The gentleman in the picture above is one Willis Haviland Carrier. He’s the inventor of modern air conditioning, so we owe him our thanks for making California summers more bearable. The poor fella would cringe if he saw the condition some people leave their A/C units in, especially after a long winter. To honor his memory — and to keep your cool when the weather is anything but — Ace Plumbing has some simple spring air conditioning prep tips.

Clean A/C is Happy A/C

The first, and probably simplest, thing you can do is to clean around your air conditioning unit. Outside that means clearing debris from around the unit, hosing off any stray dirt and pollen, and checking the exterior for rust and damage.

This raises another important issue: landscaping. If you’re blowing leaves, cutting your grass, trimming your shrubs, or doing anything else that could lead to airborne debris, make sure you’re keeping it well away from your outdoor unit. It needs unobstructed airflow to work properly, and even something as minor as a handful of leaves can drastically cut efficiency.

Check Your Drainage

Drainage is vital. That’s because condensation occurs when your air conditioner is doing its job properly, and the water that results can cause rust and mold buildup if it’s allowed to pool. Make sure water is being diverted away from the unit.

Remove the Cover

This may seem too obvious to mention, but it’s actually easy to forget. Running your A/C with the cover on — even for a short period of time — can cause the unit to overheat or burn out.

Replace Your Filters

This is a good time to replace your filters and have your ductwork cleaned out. The early part of the season sees a lot of seasonal allergens, and a filthy filter means you’re circulating filthy air throughout your home. You should also thoroughly clean your supply and return vents, since they tend to be a magnet for dust and pet hair.

Test the System

Now that you’ve done all of the above, test your air conditioner to make sure it works, and that it’s blowing cold air. Yes, even if it’s cold out and your home doesn’t need to be cooled off right now (you may need to turn the thermostat a bit lower than usual). If there’s a problem, you’re better off finding out now rather than getting a rude surprise on the first day you really need your air conditioner working its best.

Sacramento AC Service

There’s one more thing you should consider: Sacramento A/C service. If you think that a summer’s worth of use is hard on your system, you might be surprised to find out that lying dormant for most of the autumn and winter takes its toll, too.

Call Ace Plumbing for an inspection and air conditioning tune-up today, so that when the summer sun is at its worst, you’re keeping cool in your air-conditioned home. If repairs are needed, we’ll diagnose and fix the problem; if it’s time for a new unit, we’ll properly size and source a unit that can help to lower your energy bills.