Managing Bathroom Mold



Bathroom mold is a fungus that is found in moist and warm areas such as in the shower stalls. Mold has a distinctive look and smell making it easy to identify. The colors can range from pink, black or brown. When a large amount of mold is present, an individual will smell a musty odor. A large amount of mold can also cause health issues so it’s important to identify and deal with as soon as it appears. Here are some DIY plumbing tips to help you clean up the mold quickly.


Identify the Problem

The first step to getting rid of the mold is to eliminate the problem areas. For instance, poor air circulation and poor lighting in a bathroom can lead to mold growth. A common problem is poorly sealed tile or shower liner where moisture gets in, and can’t properly dry out. Slow water leaks can cause a lot of damage inside and out.

A Sacramento plumber can help keep the mold from becoming uncontrollable by offering advice on ways to make the bathroom less prone to mold. For instance, some suggestions could include changing the lighting to help make the environment better to prevent mold growth. As experts on all types of plumbing repair, we can also come in and manage the problem for you.

Steam from running water produces humidity; therefore, an individual will need to find a way to reduce the humidity from the bathroom. A bathroom fan can be installed to help reduce the moisture and steam in the air. A bathroom window or an air conditioner can also be used to help the air circulation.


Cleaning Mold

Once the room is designed to keep the mold to a minimum, an individual can use some simple techniques to keep the bathroom clean of mold. Some DIY plumbing tips can include using bleach mixed with water. Individuals can spray this mixture on the surfaces to remove the mold. The shower and tub will need to be cleaned regularly to prevent a buildup of mold. After each cleaning, the surfaces will need to be wiped dry. For bigger projects, for poorly sealed tub corners, the Ace Hardware team share a video how to caulk these problem areas. 

An easy technique to get rid of the mold odor is to scrub the shower and tub with a bathroom cleaner or baking soda. After a thorough cleaning, a disinfectant can be used to kill any remaining germs. A great way to deodorize the bathroom is to spray the shower and tub with plain vinegar weekly, and then allow it to dry. This will also help stop any mold growth since the vinegar has an acidic nature the mold will not be as prone to grow, and this can stop the musty odors.