Is It Time to Upgrade My Plumbing?

time to upgrade plumbing

Like most of your home systems, your plumbing needs to be replaced from time to time, and not just the faucets or sinks. An assessment of these individual factors helps you determine when you should consider a major plumbing upgrade.

Pipe Material

The material that your plumbing is made from will affect its longevity, as well as its safety for your family. Lead pipes were all the rage about 100 years ago, largely because of their long lifespan. However, the lead also got into the drinking water, and has a number of potentially damaging health effects for infants and children. If you have lead pipes, you must replace them. The polybutylene pipes put in during the 1980s and 1990s are comparatively weak. The plastic resin used to make the pipes was unusually vulnerable to compounds like chlorine, meaning the pipes would swell, crack and break down after a relatively short time. If your home dates to around this time, you might be overdue for a plumbing system overhaul.

Plumbing Age

Although the age of the plumbing should not be the only consideration, it is worth making a note in your home improvement planning. With the exception of polybutylene, most plumbing materials used in the past several decades are designed to last for 70-100 years. When you know the equipment is starting to reach that point, you should think about an upgrade. Well-maintained plumbing may hold out longer than the typical lifespan. However, if your plumbing has accumulated a lot of hard water deposits, it may last less than expected.

Leaks or Discolored Water

Obviously, you need to solve the problem when it is clear that there is something wrong. A pipe that has frozen and burst must be replaced in order for the plumbing system to function. Similarly, pipework that has consistent problems with leaks may need a larger-scale replacement than just a single stretch of pipe here and there throughout the home. Similarly, if you notice discolored water coming from your faucets, that is a possible sign that the pipes are rusting and running the rust through to your fixtures. This can make drinking water unsafe, so you should contact plumbers in Sacramento as soon as you notice it.

Damage to the Sewer Line

The pipes that connect your home to the city’s sewer line can be particularly vulnerable to damage. All it takes to turn a toilet flush into a nightmare is a tree’s roots growing through the sewer drain line. If you have significant damage to your sewer line, you might consider trenchless sewer line replacement. This method allows you to form a new line for your home wastewater removal, without having to dig out and remove the old pipes.
Replacing your plumbing is always an important decision, since it controls your ability to cook, clean, wash and provide yourself with safe drinking water. When one or more of these aspects of your plumbing system are in trouble, you know you need to update your home. To learn more about plumbing replacement services, contact us at Ace Plumbing.