Kitchen Plumbing Trends for 2017

kitchen plumbing

The plumbing in your kitchen should make your life easier. If you have been suffering with old, uninspiring kitchen plumbing technology, you have an easy way out. When you try one of these new kitchen design trends for 2017, even your faucet will work harder for you.

Hands-Free Faucets

People who are accustomed to turning on a kitchen faucet with a hand and having to aim the sprayer away from the floor or clothing are majorly overdue for an upgrade. The latest kitchen faucets offer the height of convenience. Many current faucets have the ability to turn on and off with a simple touch of your hand or arm. The latest technology features faucets with a sensor to turn on and off as needed. If you wonder about the public bathrooms with sensors you can never seem to turn on by waving a hand, you might also consider faucets that turn on by stepping on a sensor with your foot. That makes the entire operation hands-free. The faucet sprayer also got an update for 2017. Now, certain models can tailor the position of the spray to minimize splashback on you or other parts of the kitchen.

Customizable Sinks

Washing dishes or cooking equipment in a conventional sink is useful, until you encounter an item that is larger, like a cutting board. In this case, it would be nice to have a sink that plunges down a bit further so you can wash the entire thing without spraying water on the countertops. Kitchen sink trends feature undermount sinks with varying depths, for easier cleaning and a seamless fit to your countertop. You can safely ditch the dual sinks of equal size in favor of a much larger sink and a smaller, deeper one. Ask your Sacramento plumber about installing a new sink that will meet all your cooking needs without the hassle.

Striking Color Trends

No discussion of trends would be complete without colors. This year, kitchen colors are bold, featuring a modern style. Yes, black and white are back, and they have even spread to the kitchen faucets. Faucets in shades of black or white usually require non-metallic finishes like enamel or epoxy. If you want faucets with metal plating, you may have to select from common metal colors. To make your kitchen look up-to-the-minute in style, choose faucets in gold or brass. For something with more lasting power, aim for a faucet in the vicinity of brushed nickel. This choice has been popular for many years and shows no signs of losing ground, for its durability and ability to hide water stains. With this color scheme, you can easily pick a paint color for walls that really pops.
Is 2017 the year you take your kitchen into the 21st Century? These kitchen plumbing trends could make all the difference, with added convenience, functionality and style. To browse the many options we can offer in modern kitchen designs and find out how much better your kitchen could be with an update, contact Ace Plumbing.