Is Your Programmable Thermostat Increasing Your Energy Efficiency?

Many people
are already aware that a programmable thermostat can increase their HVAC
system’s energy efficiency. However, the way you use it makes a significant
difference in your energy consumption. These tricks can save you even more on
your energy bill, when you use your programmable thermostat effectively.

Your Programmable Thermostat

The biggest
reason people do not get the most savings from their programmable thermostats
is that they do not know how to use them. If you inherited your home’s
programmable thermostat with the house and never found the manual, you may have
found yourself in the same boat. There are so many potential benefits to a
programmable thermostat that it is well worth remembering how to program it.
You could save as much as $180 a year just by using your programmable
thermostat. Once you purchase a new model for your Sacramento HVAC system, put the
manual in a safe place nearby so that you can use it for reference, as needed.

Effective Settings

Just using
the programmable thermostat as intended will probably save you a little on your
utility bill each month. The temperatures you set also affect your savings. For
example, if you keep the temperature set warmer or cooler than you need while
the house is empty throughout the day, you will expend energy without making
you or your family more comfortable. Experts suggest that you create 3-4
settings throughout the day that are in long blocks of time (e.g. 6-8 hours).
Contrary to popular opinion, you should be careful about setting your
temperatures more than a few degrees apart throughout the day. If your
thermostat is set to 85 during the day while you are gone and 72 once you get
home, your air conditioner will have to run excessively long to drop 13
degrees. It may actually use more energy, and put greater strain on your air
conditioner, than if you kept the home at a lower temperature during the day,
such as 78 degrees.

Your Perspective on Energy Use

the best energy savings comes when you alter your approach to energy
consumption. If a homeowner buys and uses a programmable thermostat but keeps
the air conditioner running all day, the savings will be minimal. Be sure to
add other things that help keep you cool or warm without having to rely
exclusively on your HVAC equipment. This includes:

  • ceiling fans
  • cool or warm drinks
  • appropriate clothing for the season

By looking
at your energy usage through a more holistic lens, you can find many ways to
stay comfortable without having to tax the appliances in your home.

When you
consider the energy efficiency of your home, your programmable thermostat
should be one of the first steps. With smart use of your programmable
thermostat, you save money and protect the HVAC systems of your Sacramento
home. For expert information about the best ways to use your programmable
thermostat, contact us at Ace Plumbing.