Why is My Air Conditioner Leaking?

ac leak

At times, you go outside and notice that there is leaking, or even a puddle of water around your air conditioning condenser. You want your air conditioner to stay functional all summer, so this is the time to get it fixed. With this guide, you will know the common causes of air conditioner leaks, and how best to fix them.

Where is the Leak?
Most of the time when you have a leak, you will see water dripping or pooling around the bottom of the condenser or the air handler. Below the condenser is an overflow pan that is designed to hold excess condensation. If the overflow pan is cracked or broken, it may leak. When the overflow pan fills up, there is a trigger that will turn off the air conditioner to avoid damaging the machine’s interior. You will not be able to turn it back on until you remove the excess water. A full overflow pan indicates a blocked condensate drain line. Find the line outside your home and clear any debris that may be blocking water from flowing. If your evaporator coils are covered in ice, that could also explain the leaking. A clogged air filter prevents air flowing over the coils, which can cause them to drop below freezing and frost over. Low refrigerant in your condenser can also create the same effect with the evaporator coils.

Is a Minor Leak a Serious Problem?
Like any appliance in your home that uses water, including your plumbing, a leak is a problem. A small leak might not seem like something to worry about. However, most leaks around your air conditioner may be small. Even a few drips are a sign that you should act. In your condenser, a leak indicates that you may need to check and clean or replace your overflow pan, or address your condensate drain line. If you do not, your air conditioner could stop working. A leak in the air handler inside your home might be even more serious. Air handlers located in the ceiling of your home could leak down into your walls, causing mold growth that could make you sick.

When Do I Call for Help?
Performing more than minor maintenance tasks for your air conditioner calls for patience and expertise. Any time that you do not feel comfortable addressing a particular task, such as removing the exterior of the condenser and working with the parts inside, you should arrange for professional service. If you discover that the overflow pan needs replacing, or your condensate drain line is blocked and you cannot find the blockage, you will require the assistance of a professional Sacramento HVAC technician or plumber.

A leaking air conditioner is a big problem waiting to become worse. Every day you do not address it, you run the risk of your air conditioner shutting off, or even costing you hundreds in expensive repairs. When you want to know more about air conditioner or water heater leaks for your Sacramento home, contact us at Ace Plumbing.