What Does an HVAC Warranty Typically Cover?

HVAC warranty coverage

When you buy a new piece of equipment for your heating or cooling system, your HVAC technician will discuss the warranty on the machine. You will learn that there are warranties that change over time, and different warranties for certain aspects of the system. Here’s what you need to know about your HVAC warranty.

First Year After Purchase

Problems in the first year or two after you have the system installed are unusual, but they do happen. In this case, you want to call the company and talk about the issues you are having. An HVAC technician will come out to inspect the equipment and give you some feedback. If the problem is a fault of installation, the company will often cover the cost of fixing it. When the concern is related to components of the system, a manufacturer warranty usually pays for parts and labor to repair it. That warranty may change after the first year or two years after purchase and installation.

Parts Warranties

The system likely has a whole warranty, but there are also warranties on individual parts. Some components, such as a heat exchanger, are designed to last over a decade. Others, like a disposable air filter, are intended to be changed out every few months at the owner’s expense. As your furnace or air conditioner gets older, the number of parts still on warranty will decrease. Be sure to keep records of the warranties for equipment you purchase, and show documentation when you receive service. This is particularly important if the company providing HVAC repair in Sacramento is not the one that performed the installation.

Extended Warranties

Some manufacturers offer an extended warranty for parts and labor beyond the standard. Many HVAC companies also provide options for maintenance and repair for equipment they install. The extended warranty may be a useful tool or an unreasonable upsell. Get very specific details on the original manufacturer warranty, and decide if the time-frames on an extended warranty work better for your needs.

Voiding the Warranty

Like your car, the warranty on your HVAC equipment may be voided even with no action at all. HVAC systems are meant to be regularly maintained, with professional service at least once a year. Handy homeowners may avoid scheduling service as often, thinking they can adequately perform service themselves. However, if you cannot prove that you have had professional maintenance at the appropriate interval, or if you hire someone who is not certified to fix your furnace or air conditioner, you may void the warranty.

The last thing you want to do is discover that your warranty will not cover the repairs you need, as you are having the system repaired. Be proactive and learn about the details of the warranties on your HVAC equipment, for parts, labor and installation. Contact the experts at Ace Plumbing to learn more about protecting your HVAC system or arrange for furnace repair in Sacramento.