Outdoor Plumbing Tips for Sacramento Homeowners in Summer

outdoor plumbing tips

As much as we love indoor plumbing (we’re sure you do, too), summer is a great time to turn our attention to some of the more unsung — but still very necessary — plumbing around your home. New Window Outdoor plumbing needs love too, and Ace Plumbing helps Sacramento homeowners give their outdoor plumbing the TLC it deserves.

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Inspect Your Outdoor Plumbing

When you connect the hose to the spigot and then set off to water your garden or wash your car, what do you do when you need to go just a bit further? Most of us give the hose a little flip to work out the kinks, or a good swift tug to play out another few feet. Over time, that doesn’t just damage your hose. It can also cause plumbing damage. Check your outdoor plumbing fixtures periodically, and call us for plumbing repairs where needed.

Check and Service Irrigation Systems

We recommend irrigation systems for California homes. They’re great for maintaining a healthy lawn during dry weather, and they’re much more efficient than either watering by hand or using a system of store-bought sprinklers. If you’ve already got an irrigation system, the warm weather is a good time to have it inspected and serviced, ensuring the lines are shipshape and the control systems are all performing as they should.

Check Your Drainage

When it rains in Sacramento, we seem to make up for lost time. That can put a heavier load than usual on your drainage systems, gutters, downspouts, and sump pump. Rather than waiting to find out the hard way that something isn’t right, clean out gutters and downspouts, check your sump pump, and make sure any outdoor drains are clean and unobstructed. If a clog won’t budge, call us for New Window drain cleaning.

Outdoor Renovations

Some people like grilling and outdoor cooking so much that they’ve installed full-scale outdoor kitchens or are thinking of doing so. This work is often done by a landscaper or general contractor. If you’re going the whole nine yards and installing an outdoor sink or wet bar, make sure that work’s being done by a plumber. If they don’t have one on staff, suggest us — it’s one thing better left to an expert than a generalist.

Get Pool Service

We’re not a pool service, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention pool maintenance. After all, you’ve got a lot invested in your pool, so — like anything else involving plumbing — you’ll want to protect your investment. Make sure you clean daily, backwash monthly, and have pumps and other mechanical elements serviced at the start and end of the season.

Schedule a Sewer Inspection

Things grow slowly late in the summer, into the fall, and through the winter. But when spring and early summer arrive, vegetation makes up for lost time. That means that a pipe that was fine last year — or that had an issue that was too small to be noticed — can suddenly develop new and disturbing problems. Now that the weather’s warmer, it’s a great time to schedule New Window sewer services, including video inspections, sewer repair, and hydro-jetting to clear clogged pipes.

Outdoor plumbing may be the best thing since… well, indoor plumbing. The good news is, no matter what your plumbing needs are, the help you need is always as close as a phone call to Ace Plumbing!

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