Plumbing Tips Your Sacramento Plumber Wishes You Knew

plumbing tips

The Ace Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning team is always happy to see our customers. You’re great people, and we like you. But we’re also aware that you don’t necessarily like getting a visit from the plumber. That’s why we’re taking some time to share a few simple bits of plumbing tips and knowledge that you might’ve forgotten so you don’t have to see us quite as often.

Let the professionals help keep your plumbing emergencies to a minimum in Sacramento.

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Watch What Goes Down the Drain

Just because it’s liquid doesn’t mean it should go down the drain. Clogs happen when too much gunk builds up in your drains, and grease and oil are some of the worst culprits. Not only are they perfectly capable of causing clogs on their own, but they also help to bind solids to your pipes, choking off water flow. Set aside a grease can or dump it in the trash instead.

Be Careful With Your Garbage Disposal

We hate to say it, but you’re probably using your garbage disposal wrong. There’s a lot that you shouldn’t dispose of. Anything fibrous (like celery) can cause problems. So can starchy foods like rice, pasta, and potatoes, which turn to mush and literally gum up the works. Coffee grounds and eggshells aren’t a good idea either. Compost where you can, and always run plenty of cold water any time you use the disposal.

Watch What Goes Down the Toilet Too

We cringed a few years ago when we saw a commercial that featured a happy Sacramento homeowner flushing golf balls down the toilet. If anything ever screamed “Don’t try this at home,” that was pretty high on the list. Just because it fits doesn’t mean it belongs. And just because items like baby wipes and kitty litter are advertised as “flushable” doesn’t mean they are. The only things that should ever be flushed are human waste and toilet paper.

Don’t Crowd Your Pipes

We understand. No matter how big your living space, and no matter how many closets or cabinets you’ve got, stuff just piles up. However, we don’t suggest cramming the cabinet under your kitchen sink or your bathroom vanity with too much stuff. For one thing, if you need to get to the shutoff valve, seconds count. For another, things have a way of shifting, which can knock fittings loose and damage fixtures.

Don’t Ignore Drips and Leaks

A slow drip — once every six seconds — wastes about 500 gallons of water per year, and that’s just one drip. Total up the leaks from all your toilets and fixtures and the number ends up well into the thousands of gallons annually. Those leaks are forcing you to spend more on water, but they’re also contributing to dampness, mold, and mildew — and that’s just the stuff you can see.

Don’t Do It Yourself

We don’t expect you to call us when a plunger would’ve done the job just fine. But we’re shocked how many homeowners waste money they thought they were saving on DIY plumbing projects gone wrong. We can get the supplies cheaper than you can, we can finish the job faster, and we’ll get it right the first time. That saves you time, money, and probably your sanity, too. So for any plumbing needs that arise, give a call to Ace Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning.

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