Plumbing Fixtures for Manufactured Homes


Considering new fixtures for a manufactured home? Some things are the same, but there are a few extra factors, such as the position of the supply lines and the quality of materials. Here’s what you need to know.

Water Supply Connection

The most obvious difference in the plumbing for a stick-built home compared to a manufactured home is the location of the water supply. In a manufactured home, the water supply is located on the edge of a home. The supply hoses might also be located on the sides of the home, or cut through the center. It all depends on where your water heater is positioned in the home. Supply lines are not placed within the walls, like they could be with a stick-built home. Instead, they usually are pushed up through the floor.

Impacts on Remodeling Projects

Of course, the differing position of the supply connections might also affect other remodeling projects you are planning to complete. Since the supply lines come through the floor, as well as the waste water drains, you should let your contractors know about that distinction. You need to make sure that a company supplying you with new cabinetry is prepared to provide the ability to connect fixtures through the bottom of cabinets, instead of the back. This will help you to avoid any frustration and necessary reconstruction during remodeling.

Quality of Materials

Thinking about installing a new sink or bathtub into your manufactured home is a good opportunity to look at the plumbing behind it. If you did not arrange to have the home built personally, you might not know the extent of the history of the piping. Some manufactured home builders focus on less-expensive equipment in many parts of the process, in part to keep prices down. As a result, the materials use for plumbing in your manufactured home might not be as hardy as other materials. Ask your plumbers in Sacramento if you might need repiping work during your upgrade project. It may be easier to perform once larger fixtures have been removed.

Non-Standard Sized Fixtures

As with a lot of things in manufactured home, the size of the space is something you must consider before you arrange for installation of any large fixtures. Measure the space to confirm that a new toilet will fit in the bathroom space without crowding your access to other parts of the bathroom, if the toilet is deeper or taller than the previous one. Make sure that you can get a new bathtub or shower through all doors leading from the outside to the bathroom. Hire a plumber who is skilled in installing fixtures in manufactured homes, since there are some requirements for installation that are different than other types of homes.

Getting a new sink or shower for your manufactured home could be an exciting way to upgrade the space. With these factors in mind, you can minimize hassle and ensure that you receive precisely what you need. For expert advice about new plumbing fixtures for your home, contact us at Ace Plumbing.