Do I Need a Sump Pump?

sump pump

If the thought of a heavy rainstorm gives you nightmares for your basement, you might be in the market for a sump pump. Sump pumps are a system of equipment that is installed in your basement to remove flood water. With these tips, you will know when it is time to consider purchasing a sump pump for your home.

Area Suffers Frequent Flooding

There are certain reasons where installing a sump pump makes perfect sense. Virtually any region of the country could be susceptible to flooding, from heavy rainstorms to snow runoff and even sewer backflow. If the area where your home is located has a higher likelihood of flooding due to proximity to waterways or being near a floodplain, you may benefit from the purchase and use of an emergency sump pump.

Past History of Flooding in Home

Once you walk into your basement and realize the floor is covered in six inches of water, you realize that you would not be keen for it to happen ever again. Some homes act like a lightning rod for water damage, whether it is the condition of the plumbing itself or the home’s location in the area. If you have a regular problem with flooding or water leakage in your basement, contact your Sacramento plumber for advice in reducing the likely causes of flooding. Meantime, a sump pump might help you to reduce the chances water damage in your home.

Worries About Basement Damage

Even if your home is not particularly at risk for flooding and has never flooded, there are reasons that you might consider getting a sump pump. Water damage in the basement is never a good thing, but the cost of repairs and replacement goes up exponentially once the basement is finished and full of furnishings. If you are thinking about refinishing your basement to turn it into a separate apartment, a sump pump is a necessity to provide greater security for a tenant’s belongings.

Current Sump Pump Is Old

Some people already have a sump pump, but are not sure if it will continue working when they need it. Sump pumps have an average lifespan of about 10 years, so it is good to ask plumbers in Sacramento to test your sump pump periodically as it gets older. This is also an ideal opportunity to consider adding a battery-powered backup sump pump, since sump pumps run on electricity. Sump pumps are an investment, but if you wait until a flood to find out that it is not working, you will probably spend much more in repairs than just replacing the sump pump.

Buying and installing a sump pump is a way to protect your home from serious water damage, which can be expensive and stressful. If you live in an area with common flooding, a sump pump is simple common sense. When you want to know more about sump pumps and have expert advice on purchasing one, you need the experts at Ace Plumbing.