Selecting Faucets for Your Bathroom: A Cost Comparison

There are a lot of faucets available for you to choose for your bathroom. They range from a small price into the hundreds. The style, construction and finish of the faucets can alter the price dramatically. This cost comparison helps you to distinguish what you need and what is simply nice to have.


Before you can start shopping for faucets, you need to determine the type of mounting you have for the existing faucet. Not all faucets will work with each type of mounting. You might have a centerset faucet, with three holes and about four inches of space on each side for a handle. A single-hole mounting has one hole and allows you to select a faucet with one handle or two. If you currently have a widespread faucet, that means the faucet mounting has three holes with the handles spaced farther apart than a centerset faucet. Your plumber in Sacramento, CA can describe the types of faucets that will work best for your bathroom.

Internal Construction

Regardless of the look of the exterior of the faucet, the interior may be made of different materials. The highest end is a body made entirely of brass. Brass faucets can cost a great deal more, but they are also the toughest and the longest lasting. Brass components are also less likely to corrode under hard water. Zinc alloy is the middle of the road. It is not quite as strong as brass and will require replacement sooner, but it usually does not cost as much. The least expensive faucets have an all-plastic body. While these may look equally as nice, plastic does not hold up for nearly as long. You may find it a better overall investment to purchase a brass or zinc alloy faucet that will be less likely to require plumbing repairs over time.


For the faucet’s finish, it may be tempting to go for the  color combo that is currently trending. However, you should balance your color design with how much you expect to use the faucet. Bathroom faucets take a lot of abuse from hands, so the finish should be able to hold up. Chrome finishes are typically the least expensive. They retain a good shine over time, but they also show fingerprints and water spots. If you are willing to invest a bit more, look into brushed nickel, which has more of a matte appearance and texture. Think carefully before you select enamel or painted finishes. They are not bonded to the metal body underneath, which makes them prone to chipping or peeling over time.

Deciding on a new bathroom faucet is based much more than simply price and aesthetics. With a better understanding of the importance of the right style, strong internal components and a solid finish, you can make a better investment with your money. When you are ready to change the fixtures in your bathroom, contact Ace Plumbing.