Should I Repair or Replace a Sprinkler System?

repair sprinkler system

No plumbing system is meant to last forever, but installing a new one may be more expensive than repairs. Although fixing a sprinkling system is certainly possible in most cases, there are certain points where you start to throw good money after bad in keeping a difficult sprinkler system going. Here’s how to decide if you should repair your sprinkling system or replace it.

Minor Sprinkler Breakdowns

There are a lot of parts involved in a sprinkler system. If one or more pieces are broken and in need of repair, you do not necessarily have to replace the entire system. Broken sprinkler heads are fairly easy to remove and replace, and they are not particularly expensive. Even a small leak coming from a cracked pipe may be worth trying to repair before deciding to replace the system.

Outdated or Faulty Controller

A lot of times, homeowners think that they have a bigger problem with their system, when it may simply be the controller that is not working as it should. In addition, old controllers may not have the same kinds of functions that new technology has. Newer tools are designed to retrofit fairly easily into an existing system. As such, you might gain greater functionality by changing your controller, and remain happy with the rest of the system as it is.

Changing Landscaping Needs

Of course, there are times when replacing your sprinkler system makes a lot more sense. When you are planning a significant overhaul of your outdoor landscaping, you might decide that your existing system should be redesigned as well. For example, you may want to add a raised bed garden or a water feature, where currently you only have grass. In that case, you should at least consider a new system. The latest equipment is designed to be very efficient, saving you water and time managing your landscape.

Significant Leaks or Broken Pipes

Some sprinkler systems are sufficiently old or troublesome that it may be difficult to tell when you simply need to give up on the existing equipment and start fresh. Even if you are fairly handy, having to constantly replace sprinkler heads, clear out clogs, or identify the source of leaks can become tiresome when you have to do it every other week. You may feel that you have invested so much time in the current system, that you do not simply want to throw it out with the waste water. However, if you are spending an excessive amount of time trying to manage your sprinkling system instead of enjoying your property, you should ask your Sacramento plumber whether a sprinkling system upgrade would be appropriate for your home.

Replacing a sprinkler system is definitely an investment that requires careful consideration. If you make a decision to repair your sprinklers, you should get expert advice to confirm that it is a wise use of your time and money. To learn more about the best ways to manage your sprinkling system, contact us at Ace Plumbing.