Taking Advantage of HVAC Tax Credits

Taking Advantage of HVAC Tax Credits

With tax season finally coming to a close, the lucky ones among us are wondering how to spend those refund checks, while many in the Sacramento area are already looking ahead to how they can save money on next year’s taxes. If you’re eyeing a new HVAC system, you don’t need a tax refund to offset your cost. A quick call to Ace Plumbing can help you uncover HVAC tax credits and manufacturer incentives that keep costs low.


California HVAC Tax Credits

California is the envy of many other states for its forward-looking energy policies. Stated plainly, saving energy will save you money in more ways than one. The Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) recaps many key California energy incentives and regulations, and a quick phone call to Ace Plumbing can help you decipher how they’ll apply to your HVAC installation.


Federal HVAC Tax Credits

While Federal standards aren’t as stringent, nor the rebates offered quite as generous, as their California counterparts, we still don’t suggest leaving money on the table. Whether you’re trying to make your home more energy efficient or seeking to take advantage of Federal tax credits while they’re still available, the Energy Star site run by the US Department of Energy is a clearinghouse of great information on saving money — on taxes and elsewhere — by greening your home.


A few general guidelines:

  • Tax Credit: 30 percent of cost with no upper limit
  • Expires: December 31, 2021
  • Details: Existing homes and new construction qualify. Both principal residences and second homes qualify. Rentals do not qualify.


HVAC System Rebates

Tax credits aren’t the only way to save on new HVAC installation. The name-brand manufacturers installed by Ace Plumbing often come with rebates that significantly defray the cost of a new system. For many of the Sacramento homeowners we serve, that means getting money back short-term from the rebates, and again in the longer term with state and Federal tax credits.


Sacramento HVAC Installation

HVAC credits and rebates are incentive enough for many folks to consider upgrading their central air and heating systems. Older systems lose efficiency over time, for one thing. But there’s another thing you should consider: the Energy Star-rated system you bought a decade ago and have maintained diligently since? It’s not nearly as efficient as today’s units. That difference can mean a significant monthly savings on your heating and cooling bills.


The quality of your HVAC installation matters just as much as the quality of your HVAC system. Having the system correctly sized and properly installed will ensure years of effective and efficient operation, especially if you stay in touch for regular HVAC tune-ups. These are just a few of the reasons that so many homeowners from Sacramento, Rocklin, and Fair Oaks trust Ace Plumbing.


Finally, a disclaimer: Acre Plumbing knows HVAC like nobody’s business. But we’re plumbing and HVAC professionals serving Sacramento, not accountants or lawyers. The advice we’ve presented here, or that we give you when you call us, is merely a guideline and isn’t a substitute for professional accounting and legal advice.