Hydro-Jetting: What it is, and When You Need It

What it is, and When You Need It

Lately we’ve used this space to explain the many ways that homeowners can save money on their heating and cooling, plumbing, and drainage issues. Today, we’re turning our attention to plumbing for Sacramento business owners. Specifically, let’s take a closer look at hydro-jetting. What is it, and when might your business need it?


Why Hydro-Jetting?

Some clogs are easy to address. We’ve seen a pretty wide variety of clog causes, including toothpaste caps, wedding rings, and more hair than we ever want to see again in this lifetime. It’s easy to make short work of that type of clog.


Other clogs are more stealthy and build up over time. Oils and grease are a prime culprit. It’s bad enough in residential drains, especially if the homeowner doesn’t know or care about what shouldn’t go down the drain. In business use, it’s a whole ‘nother story. It doesn’t matter how careful you are, there are times when dealing with grease clogs are just part of doing business.


How Hydro-Jetting Works

Water runs through your drains daily (well, until it doesn’t). So what’s the difference between that and hydro-jetting? Simply put, it’s the difference between your kitchen faucet and a fire hose. Hydro-jetting uses high water pressure and specialized nozzles to deliver 4,000 PSI to blast out the toughest clogs. It also scours your pipes in the process, giving them a thorough cleaning that ensures full and fast drainage.


Businesses that Benefit from Hydro-Jetting

Many businesses benefit from hydro-jetting. Here are some of the most common.

Restaurants and Commercial Food Prep

You put a lot of care into running your restaurant. You’re as careful about cleanliness as you are about prepping your signature fettuccine Alfredo. But let’s face it: your grease traps aren’t going to trap every last fat molecule. There’s going to be significant grease buildup in your pipes no matter how diligent you are. Over time, that leads to clogs that can stop you dead in your tracks.

Property Managers

Every day, Ace Plumbing deals with homeowners who are genuinely diligent about maintaining their homes, yet still run into plumbing issues. If you run rental properties, you already know that a number of your tenants probably don’t exactly care for their apartments the same as they would if they were homeowners, which can lead to all kinds of interesting (and expensive) problems. If your tenants are in the habit of dumping their cooking grease down the drains, or flushing food waste, your buildings’ pipes are probably somewhat the worse for wear.

Other Businesses

Food isn’t the only thing that leaves a buildup in your pipes. Over the years, we’ve seen businesses as diverse as auto repair shops to florists and nurseries deal with nasty clogs. Depending on what’s going down your drains, it’s just an occupational hazard sometimes. We’re not here to judge, we’re here to help. Besides, no matter how bad your problem has gotten, we’ve seen much worse!


Hydro-Jetting Near Sacramento

For businesses in the Sacramento area, Ace Plumbing should be on speed-dial. We dispatch video pipe inspection and professional hydro-jetting for maintenance and emergencies alike, as well as dealing with all manner of other common plumbing issues. Call us today!