The Ace Plumbing HVAC FAQ

The Ace Plumbing HVAC FAQ

From Sacramento to Fresno and Woodland, people call Ace Plumbing with their HVAC questions. Some are common, others much less so. Since we can’t possibly cover every conceivable question in this space, we invite you to call us at 916-455-4548 for the right answers and HVAC solutions you need.


What is HVAC, Anyway?

HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. Some HVAC systems handle either heat or air conditioning, while others handle both. The “ventilation” part refers to another important job that all HVAC units have in common: improving your indoor air quality, keeping it comfortable and breathable.


How Often Should I Check and Change My HVAC Filters?

You should check at least once a month. That’s because even though high-quality filters are typically rated for three months, there are a number of things that can cut back on their service life. If you have pets or smokers in the house, for instance, you’ll want to change them more often when you notice they’re dirty.


How Often Should I Have My HVAC System Serviced?

A good HVAC tune-up should be done at least once a year. Our technicians handle home and commercial units alike, and are trained across all brands. Regular maintenance can prevent the need for expensive repairs or premature replacement.


My System’s Old, But Still Seems OK. Do I Really Need to Replace It?

The short answer is “probably.” Most systems lose efficiency as they age. But let’s say you got very lucky and your system is still every bit as efficient as it was fifteen years ago (hint: it’s not). Each year brings technological improvements, so newer units are much more efficient – and, thus, much cheaper to run – than their older counterparts.


My System’s Still Pretty New. What Else Can I Do to Lower My Energy Bills?

We suggest a smart thermostat, set to the right temperature at all times. The great thing about smart thermostats is that you can program it and then forget it, or control it from anywhere if your schedule unexpectedly changes. They save you money and still let you keep your cool (or warmth, as the case may be). Why spend money to heat or cool a house if you’re not in it? Smart thermostats are inexpensive and pay themselves off quickly.


Can I Save Money on a New HVAC System?

Yes, you can! The State of California and the Federal government both offer HVAC tax credits and incentives for homeowners and businesses that install energy-efficient systems. Manufacturers often offer rebates, too. Call us and we’ll walk you through the logistics.


I’m Not Sure if I Should Repair or Replace My System. Help?!?

That isn’t uncommon. You’d be surprised how often a tune-up can solve your problems. People don’t get their coolant checked and filled, or forget to change filters, and a routine HVAC service call is enough to get everything humming again. On the other hand, long-term neglect, age, and obsolescence can all mean that it’s a better bet to just install a new HVAC system.


We’re proud to offer great Sacramento HVAC service in addition to the plumbing, drainage, and irrigation problems we’ve solved for countless homeowners. If you need help, now you know where to turn: Ace Plumbing!